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7 Perks to Apartment Living

Sep 1, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

couple playing in moving boxesThere are so many perks of living in an apartment! A common argument against apartment living is that you don’t own the property, which leads to having less freedom to make changes or to improve your financial portfolio. Yet, what you rarely hear about are the perks that do come with apartment living.

Here are seven perks of apartment living, so if you’re deciding on whether living in an apartment is right for you consider these!

1. Less Financial Responsibility

Apartment living is less financial responsibility for a renter, here’s why:

  • The amount of money you need upfront to rent an apartment, typically a security deposit along with first and last month’s rent, is less than the amount needed upfront to purchase a house.
  • Your monthly rent is cheaper than a mortgage on a house.
  • Your water and utilities are cheaper because you live in a smaller space.
  • If something isn’t working right or is completely broken, you aren’t necessarily on the hook to pay for it whereas in a home you would be.  

2. Potential Short-Term Living

Not interesting in living in Chico for a long period of time or not into making a long-term commitment when it comes to your housing? As much as we would love for you to live at one of our Hignell Rentals complexes for many years to come, sometimes that just isn’t feasible for people. Renting an apartment allows you to have different lease options that suit your needs.

3. No Maintenance Responsibility

If you aren’t the best with a wrench or a level, another perk to apartment living is the maintenance that is included in your rent. Have a clogged drain or a broken A/C? When renting you don’t have to worry about finding a tutorial on YouTube in order to fix it. You also don’t have to worry about budgeting in order to be able to pay someone else to fix it for you when DIY just isn’t going to work.

4. Size Options

Thankfully because you chose to live in a Hignell Rentals complex, you have different options when it comes to your apartment size. Whether you want a one or a three-bedroom apartment, there are many complexes that can meet your needs. Want two-bedroom apartment that has more square footage? Those exists too! We even have a complex that have a Den space for those of you who work from home.

5. Extra Amenities

When you go house hunting, the more extras you want in your home the higher the cost of your home will be. With apartment living, a lot of amenities are added on at no additional cost to your rent! While some complexes may have a higher rent because of the amount of amenities offered it’s definitely a lower cost than a mortgage that has all the same amenities.

Extra bonus: Depending on the amenity, extra work may be needed to keep it clean and working properly. When you live in an apartment this is extra work you don’t have to worry about. No need to spend your Saturday cleaning out the pool or mowing the lawn.

6. Safety

An additional perk of apartment living is the extra security. Your neighbors are so close that you don’t have to worry about being home alone, especially in a multi-unit building. It’s also an easy and safe walk to your neighbor in case you need help with something or have a question.

7. Community

Lastly, living in an apartment gives you a better chance at meeting new people and actually getting to know your neighbors. Whether it’s because you park next to them, see them in passing, in the laundry room, or at social functions put on by your Caring Community Team.


If any of those seven perks have convinced you that apartment living is best for you, check out our free eBook to help you now decided which apartment is best for you!

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