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Courtesy Tips for Dog Owners in Chico Apartments

Sep 3, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

dog on couchFor those of you who live with dogs, you know that having one while in a Chico apartment makes your living situation much more enjoyable, especially during this craziness we call 2020.

This year has been full of back and forth – from working in the office to working from home to going back to working in the office and, for some of us, returning home again. Let’s face it, your dog doesn’t know if you’re coming, going, or staying put anymore.

Now more than ever it’s important that your dog has the training they need to keep up with the changing times and not drive your or your neighbors crazy. Keep reading to learn tips on ways you can be courteous to your dog, yourself, and the other residents in your complex.

Dog Training

If your dog hasn’t been trained yet, it’s important that you find the time to either personally train them, take them to a dog trainer, or sign up for obedience classes. Training is not only beneficial to the livelihood of your dog, but also to yourself and your neighbors.

Training can help stop your dog from barking at every noise they hear, smell that catches their nose, or movement they see through a window. It can also help with getting them to stop chewing on everything that fits in their mouth.

Floor Protection

Instead of letting your dog run loose around your apartment doing what they please, have designated spots where they can chew on their toys, play games, and potty train.  Make sure you also have a mat of some sort placed under their meal and water bowls. It’s way easier and cheaper to replace or clean up one section of floor rather than the entire floor.

Exercise and More Exercise

It’s been stated that one of the main reasons a dog misbehaves is because they don’t get enough exercise. Giving your dog daily walks is a good start but walks alone won’t get their energy out. You need to find other ways they can get their energy out like taking them to an off-leash park where they can run. The best way to get your dog to run is to play a game of fetch, use this ball throwing tool to get your ball as far out as possible!

If you don't have extra time, you can always hire a dog walker or take them to doggie daycare a couple times a week to get their play on with other dogs!

Bathroom Routine

Living in an apartment can make bathroom time a little difficult. With a backyard your dog can easily be let outside without a leash whenever they need to go – not so much in an apartment. In order for your dog to not use your floor as their own personal bathroom you’ll need to establish a routine, so your dog knows when they are able to go outside and relieve themselves. This can also help to stop any whining that can occur from them wanting to go outside.

It’s optimal to live on the first floor of an apartment complex when you have a dog because you’re closer to a patch of grass where they can do their business. If you live on the second floor or higher and have access to a balcony then the next best thing is to invest in a patch of faux grass for emergency moments.

Clean Up

Everyone cuts across the grass at one point or another when moving around an apartment complex and nothing ruins a day faster than stepping in dog do-do. When you take your dog on a walk to take care of business, make sure you also pick up their business. One of the easiest ways to remember to clean up after them is to tie some doggie poop bags to their leash.

Having a dog in your apartment can be a wonderful thing but it can also cause a lot of heartache with noise complaints and paying for damages. Use the tips above to become an even better dog owner and neighbor when living in Chico apartments.

At Hignell Rentals we love and appreciate pets, that’s why several of our properties are pet friendly. Download our free Pet Tool Kit to understand the specific pets Hignell Rentals allows in their complexes, what the price is for housing a pet, recommended veterinarians in Chico, and more!

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