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Rental Living Tips: Get Your DIY Apartment Fixes Here!

Mar 24, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Pile_of_toolsHere in apartments at Hignell Rentals, we pride ourselves on providing quality maintenance to our properties from Experts In Your Home.  So whenever our residents have issues with their washer, outlets, you name it, Experts have you covered!

But there a few things that you can do around your apartment yourself to not only get the problem taken care of faster, but also help you take pride in your home. Here are a handful of things that you can do in your apartment without your apartments’ maintenance staff.

Top 5 DIY Home Skills You Should Know

Posted by Apartment Guide
Written by Lindsay Smith

One of the best parts about living in an apartment is that when something goes wrong (like the heat isn’t working or the toilet won’t stop running), you don’t really have to take care of it yourself– maintenance can help!

But there are some DIY basics you should know how to do yourself. Sometimes maintenance may not be as quick as you’d like, or it may just be something you’d rather handle on your own. From fixes to decor, here are five easy DIY projects you should know how to do:

1. How to Unclog a Drain

Small plumbing inconveniences like a clogged drain or toilet can be frustrating, but the great news is they’re pretty easy to take care of on your own. Unclogging a sink requires just the tiniest bit of plumbing know-how, but it’s relatively simple.

First, remove the drain stopper by locating the pivot rod that’s holding it in place under your sink. The pivot rod should be stuck through the pipe and secured with a nut on the pipe near the bottom of the sink. Remove the nut and the rod, and the drain stopper should be easy to pull up and out.

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On-Site Maintenance 

Don't feel comfortable taking care of the maintenance problem yourself? That's totally okay, and sometimes the safest bet. As stated in the beginning of this blog, when you live in a Hignell Rentals property, you get on-site maintenance from Experts In Your Home. So when you have problems in your apartment, call maintenance or your apartment manager or submit a request through your resident portal. No need to try and fix the issue on your own! 

These maintenance issues include:

  • Plumbing (ex. No hot water)
  • Electrical issues (ex. Outlet doesn't work)
  • Heating and air problems (ex. No cool air present when AC is turned on)
  • Carpentry needs (ex. Cabinet door fell off hinges)
  • Appliance repair (ex. Refrigerator doesn't keep temperature)

Don't see your issue listed above? Give your apartment office a call and your manager will be happy to look into it and see what they can do to help get it repaired.


Do you live in an apartment that is lacking in the maintenance department? Then maybe it is time for you to move. Check out our apartments at Hignell Rentals. We have wonderful apartments and even free e-books to help make your apartment searching easier! Take a look today, you'll be glad that you did.

For more important Apartment Safety Tips from after-hours maintenance to the benefits of having renter's insurance, download our free e-book below! Check Out Our Rental Resources!

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