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Common Roommate Dilemmas to Solve for Ideal Apartment Living

Jun 4, 2019 8:56:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

roommates_fighting_on_couchLet’s face it, having a roommate to share the rent makes apartment living more affordable. But living with somebody else can be a little risky. Once you get into a lease, especially a year-long lease, you can feel stuck or trapped with your roommate if you two aren’t working out. So how do you solve common problems that occur when you have a roommate?

Choosing the Right Roommate

First, it's crucial that you choose the right roommate. Let’s go over the basics to help you save some future turmoil.

Answer the following questions about yourself and keep them handing to ask a potential roommate:

  • How much you clean?
  • What you do with your free time?
  • Are you a night owl?
  • Do you require socialization constantly?
  • Do you smoke/drink?
  • Less ideal rental situations that you have encountered

Once you figure out what type of roommate you are, the better you can decide what type of roommate you need to be happy. Make sure that you have a meet and greet with somebody before you agree to live with them. Meet in public and treat it like an interview. Have questions prepared and expect the other person to ask you questions as well. This is one way to find the right fit!

After you find the right roommate, it's good to know how to handle certain dilemmas that are quite common. Below is a well-written article on different predicaments that you can encounter with a roommate and a few suggestions on how to fix them.

Posted by: Leigh Kamping-Carder on Brick Underground


Whether it's your first time rooming with someone, or your fifth, conflict will likely ensue. There's so much fodder for friction: What’s the best way to look for an apartment, who gets which bedroom, how do you make sure the damn place gets cleaned?

We compiled some of the trickiest roommate-related conundrums and canvassed average New Yorkers, real estate brokers and roommate experts for their best advice:

1. How do you figure out if you're compatible?

The single biggest piece of advice is “trust your gut.” If you're not sure about someone but can't necessarily say why, it doesn't matter. ... Often people think friends or friends of friends make the best roommates but, when we asked our users, most people said strangers made better roommates. Living with your friends can put extra pressure on the relationship, especially when it comes to money matters. Sometimes it's best to live with people you like but socialize with your friends.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

Once you decide on a roommate to live with, find your ideal apartment living experience and by searching for a rental in Chico or Redding or download helpful rental resources to get you started.

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