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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Apartments in Chico California

Jan 30, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Couple_making_valentines_day_decorationValentine’s Day is a fun day where you remember to celebrate and appreciate your significant other. But, when everybody is all doing the same thing you have long waits at restaurants, performances are sold out and roses are three times the prices that you can get any other day of the year. Dare to change the pace and spend Valentine’s day inside your apartment in Chico California. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Plan Ahead

If you are wanting to decorate your apartment with a red and pink theme for Valentine’s Day, then hit the store to get your heart plates, champagne glasses and decorations before the day of. We'd recommend doing it at least a week before. This will give you plenty of time to beat the rush at the store. Try the dollar store first to get the best deals, then try craft stores.

You also should have an idea on whether you will be making a gift or buying a gift. Both are great options but require buying ahead of time. Pinterest is a great place to start when making a gift, and this will also help if you are trying to stay within a budget.

When spicing up the kitchen with a new or exotic recipe, you can do a little research to see which store has the best deals. Coupons and specials normally come around Valentine’s Day so planning ahead can help you save money.

Make a List

If you can manage remembering everything that you need to successfully plan a special night without forgetting something that is needed, then hats off to you! For the rest of us who aren't that talented in the memory department, making a list will save your day. It's good to get all of your shopping at once but if you have an item that you are cooking for dinner like fresh crab, you might want to wait to purchase those items until closer to the day of. Your list might look a little something like this.

Valentine's Day Shopping List:

  • Hallmark Card
  • Flower
  • Candles
  • Ingredients for dinner
  • Favorite dessert to pick up

No matter if you are going all out and grabbing fake rose petals and champagne glasses, or you're just purchasing ingredients for your favorite meal. Make a list and try to get all (if not, most) at once so you aren't fighting the rush and end up with the last bouquet of wilted flowers that costs twice as much as normal. 

Low Key Valentine's Day

Not big on celebrating the hallmark holiday? Plan a super low-key night in and have it be a night where you and your significant other or your friends make individual pizzas and watch the newest blockbuster. You can even plan ahead of time and grab a box of the extremely popular chocolate covered strawberries before they sell out since those are delicious no matter if you're celebrating the holiday or not!

Making a plan and creating a list before Valentine’s Day will take away the stress of waiting until the last minute to help you and your loved one enjoy the night. Staying in, making dinner in your kitchen, and maybe watching a movie or your favorite show can be a great way to celebrate in apartments in Chico California. It helps you to avoid crazy lines along with being easier on your wallet.


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