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Ways to Say 'I Love You' if You're Living in Apartments in Chico

Feb 4, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

I love You in Tree Trunk

How will you tell that special someone in your life “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? If you live in apartments in Chico there are some very “Chico-esque” ways you can tell anyone who is special to you that you love and care about them.

Here are some fun ideas that don't cost much:

Make a Heart-Y Breakfast

We found some fun ideas on BuzzFeed Food for making a very loving breakfast. Take a quick shopping trip the night before to a local bakery like Tin Roof or Great Harvest to pick up some bread. Then stop at S&S Produce to get some quality fruit and farm fresh eggs. Now you’ll be ready to create a heart-shaped egg in a hole, write some romantic puns on fruit, or if you’re really feeling ambitious, become a latte heart master with fresh coffee beans you picked up at Cal Java.

heart shaped egg in a hole heart healthylatte heart masterSource: BuzzFeed Food 

Lunch Break Picnic in the Park

Apartments in Chico give you access to the great outdoors, why not take a hike in Bidwell Park? First, you can stop by any one of the delicious local cafes in Chico – like Bidwell Perk, Upper Crust, or Broadway Heights – and purchase some gourmet sandwiches and salads to pack in a picnic basket and head to Upper Bidwell Park. Hike to the top of Monkey Face and have lunch taking in the beautiful view of the valley. No time for a hike? A leisurely walk or laying out in the grass with your lunch in Lower Bidwell Park is beautiful too.

Gourmet Dinner at Home - No Cooking Required

Baccio Catering & Carry Out offers a Valentine’s Dinner for two that you can take home with you. You’ll get a 4 course dinner for two with items like the “Shared Cheese Plate,” “Homemade Rosemary Bread,” “Filet Mignon,” and “Lovely Layers' Red Velvet Cake.” Click here to see the full menu and make your choice. At $70 per couple, no waiting, and eating in your cozy pjs, this sounds pretty good!

This is even great for roommates in apartments in Chico who don't have anything planned and want to eat delicious food in their pj's while watching a movie or the show they're binging! Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, what better day to do it than on Valentines day?

Take a Local Getaway

While the idea of being whisked away to San Francisco or Napa for Valentine's Day is a wish your can make, it's just not in the cards this year. Why not take a day trip that takes yo uno further than 45 minutes aways in any direction instead? Plan a day to see the sights right in your own backyard. Apartments in Chico give you access to wineries for wine tasting or local farms and ranches to visit for the best local eats and ingredients. Sometimes just driving and seeing where you end up can be fun.

Chico Ways to be Cliché

If you like to stay safe and be more by-the-book, there is nothing wrong with sticking with flowers and candy. A sweet thing about living in Chico is the amount of goodies we have at our fingertips. We know you can’t go wrong by picking up some local chocolates at Shubert’s, fancy cupcakes from the Cupcake Crusader or ordering beautiful flowers from Christian & Johnson or finding what's available at Trader Joe's. If you want to go the gift route, head downtown to Kirk’s Jewelry or Made in Chico to find a special something.

If you love living in apartments in Chico then make special Chico memories with your valentine (or bestie) by trying one of the funner ideas above. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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