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Throw a Last Minute Super Bowl Party in a Hignell Rentals Apartment

Jan 28, 2020 2:18:13 PM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Group_of_friends_watching_football_while_Living_in_ChicoAre you ready for some football?! With the excitement of the Super Bowl brewing you might be realizing that you don't have plans for the big game day. Have no fear! We know that a last minute party can be done and still be fun.

Who wants to go to a bar and have a long wait for an overpriced drink and snacks? Nobody! So here are a few tips to get you started on planning a last minute Super Bowl bash at Hignell Rentals apartments.

Invite People

Last minute parties can still be successful if you invite people as soon as you know that you are throwing a party. Make sure you know how many people your apartment can comfortably seat in your living room before you start calling or texting people. The majority of the time will be spent around the TV and people will want to have a place to sit. Once you've figured out how many people you can accommodate, begin inviting friends and family!

Plan Your Meals and Snacks

Super Bowl foods are typically finger foods that are easy to put together and require little clean up. Chips, dip, vegetables, buffalo wings etc. are common items that are found at a party. It's easy to get carried away with getting snacks when you don’t have a plan before you go to the grocery store, so make a list! Don’t forget the ice for the drinks!

If you chose not to plan, then you run the risk of over buying and having to figure out when you'll eat all the extras so none goes to waste. For your grocery budget's sake, it's good to make a plan.


It is highly suggested that you use paper or plastic plates and utensils to help create less mess and work in the kitchen. And napkins! You can never have too many napkins with finger food. Put a stack next to the place where dinner and snacks are served to help prevent those Dorito fingers getting marks on your couches in your Chico or Redding apartment!

Ice Chests

Not everybody is lucky enough to have enough space in their refrigerator to keep a lot of drinks cooled. This is where ice chests can make an appearance. Throw some ice in the chest and start keeping those beverages cold the morning of the big game. Don’t wait until right before your guests arrive. Nobody likes a warm drink.


Does it matter if you have football themed decorations? We would consider these an optional item. If you are pressed for time and money then skipping the streamers and hats are ok. That just means more time needed for setup and cleanup if you don't decide to have decorations.

See? It's not that complicated to throw a last minute Super Bowl party, you just have to plan a little. So throw your football jersey on and start getting in the mood for some football this Sunday!

If you don’t live in a Hignell Rentals property and would like to explore other apartment living options then check us out online. We have an interactive website that allows you to take video tours of our Chico apartments, download free e-books on rental living and you can even apply online. Check us out today!

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