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7 Ways to Be Resident of the Year in Chico Rental Properties

Jun 25, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

resident of the yearWhen you’re renting a place, you hope you have a good property manager, right? Someone who will respond promptly to maintenance requests, understand if you have a financial hardship, and who will pretty much just leave you alone.

Well, have you every stopped to consider that your property management probably feels the same way? If you’re in Chico rental properties, your property manager hopes to find awesome residents that make realistic requests, pay their rent on time, and pretty much leave them alone unless necessary too!

Whether you’ve just moved into Chico rental properties or you’ve been in your current place of residence for awhile, here are some ways that you could be a contender for resident of the year.

1.  Keep the Place Clean

As much as you try to make your place feel like home, it technically does belong to someone else. It’s your responsibility to keep it clean inside and out. You’ll be doing yourself a favor so you won’t get charged when you move out someday. Also, keep in mind the property manager is the owner of the Chico rental properties and should be granted access when needed. For example, seasonal maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system, routine inspections, or honoring maintenance requests.

2.  Follow the Rules

A rental agreement is always signed before moving into Chico rental properties. Make sure you take the time to read this and understand the rules so you can abide by them.

3.  Pay Your Rent on Time

This may be the most important thing you do as a resident. It shows that you are a trustworthy and responsible person, and someone a property manager would want to keep around for awhile. If you are consistent and on time you can maybe negotiate when the property manager wants to increase the rent amount, but it's not guaranteed. It’s also important to consider that your property manager has to pay for things too and relies on your rent. If you do find yourself in a period of financial hardship, but have always paid your rent on time, your property manager may be more willing to cut you some slack for a month or two.

4.  Call When There's a Problem

If you have a problem with the property itself, like a leak or electrical issue, or even if you’re having problems with a neighbor, call your property manager and let them take care of it. While some things like changing a light bulb can be done by you, property managers like to use their own vendors for bigger fixes. 

5.  Avoid Activities that Could Harm the Property

Don’t throw raging parties, take a bulldozer to the backyard, or let your kids play kickball in the house. You get the idea.

6.  Give Notice Before Moving Out

Not only is it common courtesy, but also part of the Chico rental properties rental agreement that you give proper notice before moving out. This gives the property manager time to find new residents. Plus, you won’t make your property manager angry so they’ll be more likely to give a good reference when called. 

7.  Keep the Property Manager Informed

If you’ve decided to rescue a lost cat, will be out of town for an extended period of time, are having a two-day gigantic yard sale, or would like to make a few simple changes to the house or yard, discuss it with your property manager first.

When in Chico rental properties the resident-property manager relationship can be an amicable one if simple steps are followed and there is mutual respect among both parties. Following the rules of your rental agreement and having an open communication line will surely help you win the title of Resident of the Year!

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