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32 Tips to Help You Successfully Work From Your Apartment

Jun 23, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

work from apartmentWorking from home has been a popular option over the years for various industries and positions. But it wasn’t until recently that working from home became a reality for every industry and position that had the ability to do so.

COVID-19 changed how a lot of businesses look at the way they conduct their companies while also causing people to look into a career change that would allow them to work from home.

Ever worried if living in an apartment means that working from home isn’t for you? Think again! While an apartment isn’t as spacious as a four-bedroom, two bath house, you can definitely utilize the space you have to successfully get your job done.

Everyone has their own system when it comes to working from home, but most experts agree that in order to be the most productive during working hours you need to create a space that is just for work. For apartment living, this could mean carving out a corner of the living room, the spare bedroom, or even within your own bedroom.

No matter where you decide to set up shop, you want to make sure it’s conducive to productivity. That's why we found the article below that gives you 28 different tips on setting up your home office within your small apartment.

You’ll see tips from the best type of tech to special office drinks to office décor and more! Everything you can think of to turn that little slice of your apartment into a full blown “tiny” office.

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How to Set Up a Home Office in a Small Apartment

If you think you can sit down at your dining room table with your laptop and charger and you’ll be ready to go, you could be doing yourself a favor by working from home in a much more comfortable way.

As a home office should be a place where you feel both focused and motivated, consider that a few more handy items make the journey much more comfortable.

1.   Get a laptop stand to create a work setup you’re used to.

We use the adjustable and portable Roost Laptop Stand as our work-from-home favorite. It’s fully collapsible, has a universal fit for all MacBook and PC models and can give you a ‘lift’ between 6 and 12 inches. We leave the stand at our shared desk and rotate in a few different laptops depending who is sitting at the desk. For times when we want to tear down our work area, the stand folds down very small!

2.   Find a wireless mouse you actually want to use.

Personally, I’m a fan of wireless mouses. I traveled for four months with Remote Year, and during this time of moving from city to city as a digital nomad remote worker, a travel-size wireless mouse was part of my remote work tool kit, so to speak.

3.   Buy a wireless keyboard that makes typing feel great.

We like the Apple Magic Keyboard. It’s great for us when we travel and it’s convenient for our home office. We can easily stash it away when we’re not using it. It’s a Bluetooth rechargeable keyboard and it lets you type quietly. It’s a lot like a laptop keyboard in that takes up hardly any space. 

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Set Yourself Up For Success

On top of having a space dedicated to “office work,” here are a few other tips to help you be as productive as possible!

  • Dress for work, and not just the top half! While this new culture of Zoom says you only need to get ready from the waist up, getting completely dressed will help put you in the right mindset for getting work done.
  • Limit distractions! Whether that’s investing in some noise canceling headphones to block out the noise from outside your apartment or placing your phone on the other side of the room.
  • Make a schedule, then stick with it. If your job starts at 8am then be at your desk at 8am ready for the day to start. Take two snack / get up and stretch breaks before and after lunch. Break for lunch at a normal hour and do your best to finish up your day outlining what needs to happen tomorrow.
  • Talk a walk outside. Working from home is great, but it’s crucial that you get a little bit of Vitamin D and exercise once a day. You decide whether that is a walk for your 10-minute break in the morning or the second half of your lunch! The hotter it gets in the summer, the earlier you should go.

Just because you may not have a large home or apartment that allows your office to be in its own room doesn’t mean you can’t create a really fun and unique workspace. Just follow the tips above and you’ll be good to go!

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