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What to Clean Daily so Your Apartment Stays Clean

Apr 7, 2021 1:51:06 PM / by Hignell Rentals Team

woman making bed_604760033Do you go a month or more without cleaning your apartment? When it’s time to actually tackle that task you are more than likely overwhelmed with how much you need to clean.

Want a helpful trick? If you pick up around your apartment each day (even just little bit) the few times a year you are wanting to do a deep clean won’t be as daunting to you! It also won’t take as much elbow grease to get it clean.

Here are simple tasks you can do each day. They may seem like common sense but it’s so easy to push them off a day…then another day…then another until the mess is piled up and it takes you ten times longer to clean it up.

Daily Tasks to Help Keep Your Apartment Clean

  1. Make your bed in the morning (makes the whole room feel put together!)
  2. Tidy up the kitchen and empty dishwasher as your coffee brews.
  3. Hang clothes that you wore that day but don’t need to be cleaned.
  4. Throw worn clothes in the laundry hamper (not your floor).
  5. Keep wipes in bathroom so you can wipe down the toilet or sink before going to bed.
  6. Squeegee your shower walls (not just doors!).
  7. Have a catch all at the entry of your apartment, keep your odds and ends in there instead of placing them throughout the apartment.
  8. Don’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.
  9. Wipe kitchen counters while cooking dinner.
  10. Invest in a little remote vacuum and run it every day.

Take it a step further and do your daily cleaning along with a list of weekly tasks. Doing both will decrease your overall elbow grease during the times you decide to truly deep clean! 

Weekly Tasks to Help Keep Your Apartment Clean

  1. Change and wash your bedding (sheets + pillowcases).
  2. Go through your fridge and freezer, toss expired food.
  3. Clean your bathroom sink, toilet, mirror, floor.
  4. Vacuum floors (unless you have your little remote vacuum).
  5. Dust all your furniture and pictures.
  6. Wipe out the microwave.
  7. Clean bedroom and entry way mirrors.
  8. Do laundry…and actually put it away.

While these may seem like more than you’re wanting to do, we promise it won’t take you very long. Especially if you are doing it once a week.

Want to know which items to clean every month? Click here! 

Curious which places to do your serious deep clean? Download our FREE Seasonal Deep Clean checklist that has all the nooks and crannies you should be cleaning at least once a season.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist

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