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Transportation Options While Living in Apartments in Chico California

February 27, 2020 / by Hignell Rentals Team

father and son riding the busThere are many wonderful things about Chico. Our lovely downtown, diverse community, beautiful Bidwell Park and more. Chicoans who live in apartments in Chico California have many transportation options aside from driving a car. This increases the livelihood of our city by ensuring people can make it to work, get that haircut or go to the grocery store.

The Butte Regional Transit

The B-Line has many buses throughout the day giving you the opportunity to make different stops in Chico, Paradise and even Oroville. The busses are clean, comfortable and give you the ease of getting from point A to point B without the stresses of driving your car during rush hour. The schedules are easy to find online or at the B-Line Transit Centers.

Bike Trails

According to the 2014 American Community Survey, Chico was listed as one of the Top 25 (#16 to be exact) bike to work cities in the United States with 4.7% of Chico inhabitants commuting by bicycle. Living in a university town helps as we have many students and faculty who live close to campus, yet with Chico’s flat terrain it’s not hard to see why so it’s so popular. 

You can’t go one day in Chico without seeing somebody riding their bike. Whether it be to work, enjoying the park or biking to get in shape, Chico is one of the best cities for you to ride your bike. Find the dirt trails in Upper Park or the man-made trails along highway 99 to get you where you want to go. The Thursday Night Market now has a bike valet and you can find bike mechanics around Chico to keep your bike in tip top shape.

Cabs, Ubers, Lyfts

Don't have the time to wait for the bus or the extra time that's required to bike? You can call ahead to schedule a cab or call and see what the availability is of picking you up ASAP. Don't want to talk to anyone or unsure if the cabbie takes anything besides cash? Nowadays, there are other ways to hail a cab that don't require you to see a yellow car, call and talk to someone, or have cash on hand. Just download the Uber or Lyft app and see how long it will take to have someone come pick you up! The app will let you know what the make and model of the car picking you up is as well as their license plate and first name. No money needs to change hands in the car either, you pre-pay with your debit or credit card through the app itself. 


Are you looking for transportation that takes you even further out of Chico that the B-Line can’t do? Do you want to go to Oregon or Louisiana but don’t want the stress of flying or even road tripping to get there? Then the Amtrak train is your best option. The Amtrak will leave Chico and go to different stations around the United States.  


This fun mode of transportation is different but is sure to please. If you are downtown at night, you will find several different pedicabs ready to take you home, like Mike’s G-Ride. He bumps the music and makes the ride entertaining and its own experience. Mike rides his bike that has a small carriage attached to hold people who need rides to get them home safely or don't want to walk all over downtown. Try it out sometime!

When you are looking for a place to call home, consider Chico! We have a lot to offer and the list seems endless. If you're searching for apartments in Chico California, check out We like to make rental searching and living easier for you with helpful blogs, video tours of our Chico apartments, resources, and more!

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