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Sparkle or Spook? 5 Pumpkin Decorating Tips for Chico Apartments

Oct 3, 2017 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

decorative pumpkinsThere's something both magical and familiar about pumpkins.

They represent a symbolic nostalgia for fall that has the power to transport us back to cool October afternoons as children, jumping in leaves at the schoolyard or hunting pumpkins at the local patch. 

As a staple of seasonal decor, you can paint them, carve them, build them into centerpieces or bake them into pies. Whether you're into spooky and scary or glittery and gold, pumpkins are for you. 

Below is a sparkling list of 5 pumpkin decorating tips to brighten up your home this fall.

A simple white pumpkin and a few golden leaves can transform your dining table, while a festive fall fireplace can charm guests and cheer your mood. Go scary, sassy, sparkly, or spooky! Happy decorating! 

1. Pumpkin Painting Perfection

Alas, the perfect alternative to pumpkin carving catastrophes. Say goodbye to pumpkin guts and goo for good!

Gather your brushes and paint up your pumpkins with a stroke of gold and a dash of glitter. Buy a few white pumpkins, (or paint them white yourself), fill in the natural crevices with gold paint, and stack them in threes on your dining table or fireplace. With a paint brush (or a gold sharpie), write seasonal words on your pumpkins, like 'thankful', or 'fall', or 'greetings!', and place them on your front steps. 

Don't miss Good House Keeping's article on 35 Pumpkin Painting Ideas for a Colorful Halloween!

2. Peace, Love, & Pumpkins 

For the flower child in us all! Pumpkins are perfect for flower crowns and sashes, a sure fire way to create the most beautiful fall decor for Chico apartments!

Spray paint your pumpkin, or leave her all natural, pick out your favorite fall flowers, drill holes in the rind, and stick the flowers through to make a crown or a diagonal sash. Remember to spritz the flowers with water and protect them from harsh weather. Your guests will marvel at your craftiness and surely declare you the hostess with the mostess. 

Check out the Flower Sash slide in this pumpkin painting article from House Beautiful for tips! 

3. Seasonal Centerpieces

Rather than spending a bunch of your hard earned money on an expensive pre-made centerpiece, build them yourself! Here's how:

  • Pick out a few of your favorite pumpkins (go hunting at the pumpkin patch or check your local grocery store). 
  • Choose a spot (dining table, fireplace, entry tables, or counter tops).
  • Pick your favorite beautiful fall leaves, acorns, or other fall foliage. 
  • Place a piece of burlap, a crochet doily, or other colorful fabric on the chosen surface. 
  • Adorn the fabric with leaves first, stack pumpkins into pyramids, place acorns or other fall foliage at the base of the pumpkins, and bam, you've got a perfect seasonal centerpiece at a low cost. 

4. DIY Pumpkin Vases

Yes, more flowers! This time, scoop out all the guts and fill your favorite pumpkin with sunflowers, violets, daisies, you name it. Place them on your dining table, desk at work, or even bring them along to fall gatherings as a gift. Sierra Nevada Brewery has mastered the art of compostable, environmentally savvy decor at their Oktoberfest event, with DIY pumpkin vases! Copy-cat their great example and bring the holiday festivities right to your living room, the earth friendly way. 

5. Classic Jack

The trick to carving the best classic Jack-o-lantern, is to draw the face first with a sharpie. Unless you're a modern Monet, trust us, the sharpie will work wonders and keep you from cutting the teeth out on accident. Oops! 

Hint: Stick to triangles and squares. 

Check out this infographic on carving the perfect Classic Jack!

Sparkle or Spook! 

We hope we have inspired our readers to bring the festive fall season into their Chico apartments! Sparkle or spook your guests, and charm them with your crafty savvy pumpkin decor. 

For more fall decorating tips for Chico apartments, check out our blog!

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