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Rental Living Tips: Understanding the Role of the Apartment Manager

May 30, 2018 12:00:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

street sign that says responsibilityWhen it comes to rental living the person you'll deal with the most is generally the complex's apartment manager. Understanding the apartment manager's role will help you have a much better rental living experience.

The manager is the resident's representative and is in charge of the day to day operations of the entire community.

Responsibilities of the Apartment Manager or Management Company

  • Researches rental rates and then set those rates
  • Uses both online and offline methods to create advertisements for the complex
  • Collects rent
  • Makes sure units are cleaned and prepped to show prospective residents
  • Screens renters and processes rental applications
  • Interacts with delinquent residents, including evictions
  • Handles scheduling all maintenance at the complex, both inside and outside
  • Inspects rental units and outside areas on a regular basis
  • Produces accounting and financial reports generally on a monthly basis

A Closer Look at the Major Responsibilities 

While all the responsibilities of the apartment manager are important, a few take more attention than others. Below is a closer look at the ones that rank the highest:


No matter what your rental living situation is, things will break in your Chico or Redding apartment. Appliances, lights and more will need to be fixed. You want your space to look nice on the outside too. The manager makes sure that maintenance responds to all the requests for both inside apartments and outside around the complex.

Tip #1:

You can help your manager out by submitting a maintenance order for things you see around the property as well as for things within your apartment.

Rental Rates and Collection

Paying rent on time will keep you in good graces with the manager. Understand that the apartment manager works for the property manager or management company and many times is bound by rules they set. They are also in charge of informing you when rent rates increase. Being diligent when paying your rent helps out all around.


Not only will the apartment manager enforce the rules on paying rent but they also have to make sure other rules are followed too. You signed a lease agreement when you moved in and you're expected to live up to it. Being a good neighbor and resident will save you in the long run. If you aren't, you can expect to have to deal with the manager.

Tips #2:

If paying your rent on time is hard for you, try putting a reminder in your phone a few days before it's due and then again on the day it's due. 


Before you move into your rental unit the manager will screen you. Prepare yourself for screening by having all the papers and forms you need ready for inspection before you get to the complex. Not only will you be making your life easier by not having to sit in the office filling out forms, but you'll also make the manager's life easier. A double plus!


From time to time your rental living space will need to be inspected as a management best-practice. If you have had any maintenance issues, the manager may need to occasionally inspect the work to make sure it was done properly. Often when maintenance work is done the manager or whoever does the work may check out the unit for any other issues. If you know of anything that needs fixing during these inspections, mentioning them will be beneficial for you. 

Tip #3:

The best way to keep your apartment in Chico or Redding in top shape is to notify your manager or maintenance staff when something breaks so they can fix it ASAP. 


This is probably the least favorite of an apartment manager's tasks. But it's one that has to be dealt with from time to time. If you're a good renter you'll never have to deal with this issue but always know part of the manager's job is to police paying rent and take action when the lease is not paid. 

Rental living will include some form of interaction with an apartment manager. Your duty as a renter is to follow the rules and do all you can to be a good resident. Become familiar with the range of duties a manager has to perform and you'll have a great rental living experience. 

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