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How To Decorate Chico Rental Properties Safely for Christmas

Dec 10, 2019 9:15:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

decorating christmas treeWe get it, the season is here and it's time to get into the Christmas spirit.You take out the boxes of Christmas decorations or you head to the store to get the latest in décor. First things first, let’s go over the safety basics for decorating Chico rental properties.


We love the twinkle of lights either on a tree, a mantle, bushes or the patio. But there are hazards for stringing electricity through your house and along things that are flammable. How do you help prevent a fire? Inspect your lights for cracked sockets, any fraying, or discoloration. If you find damage to your lights, then it's better to purchase a new set.

Electricity can be dangerous if you aren’t taking the precautions to keep the lights functioning correctly. Another thing to make note of is checking for the proper types of lights for the specific area that you're lighting. In other words, if you're using the lights outside, use outdoor lights. If you're using the lights inside, use indoor lights. 


If you prefer a live tree, purchase or cut down a tree that is fresh. Live, dried out trees are more at risk for catching on fire. Make sure that you water your tree every day to prevent your tree from drying out. If you're getting an artificial tree, make sure you purchase one that's fire resistant. If you're putting your presents under a metallic tree this Christmas season, do not put lights on it. This is a fire hazard.

Artificial Snow

If you live in Chico rental properties, the thought of having a snowy Christmas probably excites you. Take caution when using artificial snow. This winter wonderland might put the final touches on your décor, but please know that it can be harmful if inhaled. It's not wise to use around children or pets.


There's nothing like having candles lit, listening to Christmas music, and sipping on hot chocolate to celebrate the holidays. Want to further prevent a fire? Use battery operated candles that will last longer than a flame candle as well as reduce the potential for fires. Using these candles allows you to place them next to the tree, any plant life or other flammable objects to give a pretty effect.

After you've created the perfect holiday scene, whenever you leave your apartment, make sure you turn off every set of lights, blow out (turn off) those candles and constantly check your outlets for signs of overload.

Want to insure that the apartment you chose from one of our Chico rental properties stays covered over the holidays? Getting Renter's Insurance will protect you from breakins or that lone candle you forgot to blow out that lit up your curtains.

Download our Renter's Insurance 101 resource to figure out which type is best for you!

Renters Insurance 101

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