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8 Apartment Living Tips to Prevent a Fire

July 8, 2022 / by Hignell Rentals Team

fire extinguisherWhile wildfires are a big concern during the summer in Northern California, they aren't the only type of fires that can happen. Here at Hignell Rentals, we think it's important to discuss fire safety in apartments in Chico and Redding in Northern California. Use these apartment living tips to make sure you're actively trying to prevent a fire in your apartment.

1.  No smoking!

If you do smoke, please make sure that you don’t smoke in bed or on any flammable piece of furniture that you might fall asleep on. To be safe, smoke outside. Lock all lighters, matches and cigarettes in a cabinet out of children’s reach.

2.  Know where the nearest fire extinguisher is located

It's also a great idea to have your own fire extinguisher stored somewhere easily accessible in case of a fire. 

3.  Practice BBQ safety 

BBQ safety is important to know now that summer is here. Make sure that you keep your BBQ outside where there is plenty of ventilation. The BBQ should be away from any plants or low-hanging eaves, and your home. Many if not most properties have rules against gas BBQ grills, but even if you're using an electric bbq then always check the wiring to make sure it's not damaged or frayed. Never leave your grill unattended.

4.  Attend to your food while you are cooking

Leaving food unattended is the leading cause of kitchen fires. If you have to leave the kitchen simply turn off the heat source on the stove top to prevent a kitchen fire. When cooking with children present, it's good to have a “no-go” zone so children won’t bump into you or get near the stove while you're cooking.

5.  Don’t store flammable substances in your apartment or car

This includes your exterior apartment storage area. Some apartment complexes have gas water heaters in the exterior storage area that have a pilot light flame. 

6.  Be mindful of the condition of electrical outlets and appliances

If there's any damage do not use them. If you notice any issues with electrical outlets contact the maintenance department at your complex to come take a look. You don't want to ignore electrical safety issues!

Quick Reminder: Don’t connect electrical strips to other electrical strips.

7.  Check smoke detectors on a regular basis

If the batteries are dead notify your apartment manager immediately so that new batteries will be put in. It's common to have smoke detectors in the hallways leading to bedrooms, which in California is the law.

8.  Keep fire escapes clear and don’t use them as storage

What good are escape routes if they're blocked with plants or brooms that you have to worry about being a barrier for yourself, children, elderly and others to leave the area safely? Use fire escapes, windows, doors and stairs instead of the elevator.

Now is the time for you to check your apartment living habits and systems in place to make sure you're doing everything you can to stay safe in your apartment in Chico, Redding and surrounding areas in Northern California. 

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