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How Hignell Rentals Can Speed Up Your Apartment Search

May 19, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

stop watchYou can race from one part of town to another – and hopefully you won't get stuck in rush-hour traffic.

You can take notes and photos – and hopefully you won't forget to ask or record something along the way.

And you can “drill down” and start comparing and contrasting apartments in Chico – and hopefully the one you really want isn't gone by the time you make your final choice.

There's no doubt it: searching for an apartment in Chico can be a hopeful process, but it also should be fun, too. is a Chico apartment rental website that speeds up the apartment searching process, while also conserving your valuable time and energy. – when you're not sure what you want

If you shop online for clothing, home products or gifts, then you already know how advantageous it is to:

  • Browse when the time is right for you – early in the morning, late at night or during a break at work.
  • Dispense with the usual concerns about navigating traffic and working around closing times.
  • Make side-by-side comparisons, zooming in on photos and compiling your own treasure trove of information.

In this way, shopping for a Chico apartment is a lot like other forms of online shopping. And Hignell Rentals will serve you particularly well if:

  • You're new to Chico – and maybe even California, too.
  • You're familiar with Chico but you don't know exactly what the rental community has to offer.
  • You're grappling with the common, “I'll-know-it-when-I-see-it” focus that guides many apartment hunters.

No matter what your situation, will seem like a home-warming gift basket, teeming with goodies you didn't expect to find but are glad you did, such as:

  • Apartment photos, featuring interior and exterior views
  • Apartment videos, including full walk-throughs and virtual tours
  • Benefits, features and amenities of each apartment

After spending just a few minutes on, you'll see how The Hignell Companies rose to the challenge of creating an apartment rental website that was unlike any other.

At Hignell Rentals we are committed to keeping up to date on technology so that your life is easier. Once you have found your new home, you can anticipate the ease of paying rent online, submitting work orders online and being able to check your account anytime day or night. It is our goal to help you have a great experience as a resident and technology is a piece of that puzzle.

We also have our own full maintenance and construction division called Experts in Your Home. They are a team of licensed professionals across multiple areas including plumbing, electrical, heating and air and painting just to name a few. Experts helps keep our rental homes and apartments in great shape. You will see our orange and black trucks running around town making sure if something breaks, we can get it fixed quickly. – when you know what you want

You can conduct a targeted search on, too. It will parse your options based on what you enter in the search bar, including:

  • Area (Chico, Sacramento, Redding, Glenn)
  • Property type, such as an apartment, duplex, house or multiplex
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Minimum rent
  • Maximum rent

The Hignell touch” shows on

You'll be relieved to know that features only those apartments that have been personally vetted by Hignell team members. 

If you’ve been around the North State for a while, you might remember Living in Chico. We created that site in 2010 to help “make apartment searching funner” and that was before “funner” was a word. With that site we began seeing the value of providing great resources for our residents to help with moving in, cleaning, finding places to eat, and discovering the local events all in one place. Living in Chico was retired in April of 2019 because we had grown beyond Chico and it was getting confusing for people wondering where the best place to search was. Now that we are Hignell Rentals, we will be continuing the goal of being just a bit “funner” by continuing to provide rental resources, helpful tips and just great information on the community you live and work in.

Our tagline at Hignell Rentals is “Creating Caring Communities” and we live by that. We have been working to help people in Northern California find their next home for over 30 years and we would love to serve you.

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