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Enhance Your Enjoyment of Living in a Chico Apartment with Amenities

Sep 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

people sitting in jacuzziOf course you're counting on a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. But as you search for Chico apartments, you can get so much more for your rental dollars.

They're called amenities – those extra features that serve as a “comfort or convenience.” You can find them as you search for Chico apartments. Once you find a complex that piques your interest, scroll down to "Features and Amenities” and you'll see them listed out.

As you'll see, every complex features different amenities, so it's worth taking your time to compare and contrast the lists. Five amenities in particular should make a splash – and not just the pool – as you consider how they can add comfort and convenience to your daily life:

Amenity: Pool

Quality of life benefit: If you're a swimmer, then you may already know that swimming works and tones almost all the body's major muscle groups, bolstering the cardiovascular system and improving endurance and flexibility. And if you tend to slouch, swimming may straighten out your posture, too. If you have access to a pool, but you're not a swimmer, consider becoming a “wader”; simply walking in 3 feet of water, enjoying the gentle buoyancy as you move, can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Amenity: Fitness Center

Quality of life benefit: It may help to remember that many of the people who live in Chico apartments are very much like you - hard working people who sometimes need to burn off nervous energy at the end of a work day and on weekends. They're not training for an Olympic event as they work out on fitness equipment and lift weights; they have healthy living, toning and maybe weight loss in mind. A fitness center also provides a relaxed venue to meet your neighbors.

Amenity: Hot Tub and/or Jacuzzi

Quality of life benefit: It's easy to underestimate the benefits of a hot tub or Jacuzzi. Yes, there may be nothing more soothing than a good soak after a workout in the fitness center – or at the office. But health experts say that sitting in a hot tub or Jacuzzi for even 30 minutes a week can lead to more restful sleep and provide relief from back pain, knee pain and all forms of arthritis. It's a guaranteed stress reliever, too.

Amenity: Covered Parking or Garage

Quality of life benefit: Think of covered parking or a garage at some Chico apartments as improving the lifespan of your vehicle, which should improve your quality of life by extension. Protecting your vehicle from the sun, rain and wind will keep the exterior looking its best – a huge consideration at resale time. Vehicles also stay warmer when they're covered, which means that the lubricating fluids and oils will remain stable, the engine will run smoother and the heat and air conditioning will turn on faster.

Amenity: Office Center

Quality of life benefit: Even if you plan to have a designated area in your Chico apartment to work on your computer, it's a huge advantage to enjoy access to an office center when you want privacy or a change in scenery to kick-start your motivation. Some Chico apartment complexes feature copiers, fax machines and charging stations, too. There's a reason why those shared office spaces are catching on in California: people enjoy kicking back in a business-casual venue to catch up on work, emails or online shopping.

Your new Chico apartment is bound to enhance your quality of life; and the amenities you choose could fortify the comfort and convenience you and your guests will find in it every day.

Make sure that when you find one that you love that you have everything you need to get approved! Download our 6 Tips to Get Your Rental Application Approved and be that much closer to enjoy all the amenities have to offer you. 

6 Tips to Get Your Rental Application Approved

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