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Holiday Party Ideas Your Friends Will Attend at Your Apartment

Dec 12, 2019 2:01:05 PM / by Hignell Rentals Team

hanging gingerbread cookiesYou know how each holiday you wished you had some fun party planned for you and your friends or even your neighbors at your Chico or Redding apartment? Last year you saw all those cool ideas but you just don’t know where that list went or if anyone would want to attend those parties.

Well, don’t worry!

We've found a list of fun holiday party ideas, and while this post talks about residents you can just replace the word with friends! Or keep the theme and send an invite to people in your complex and love on your neighbors. Choose the party idea that fits you best. Whether that be the most creative one, the one with the most baking, or the with the least amount of work. Remember that your holiday party in your Chico or Redding apartment should be fun and not something that stresses you out.

Here are 10 out-of-the box ideas that could be fun for everyone!

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10 Uniquely Fun Holiday Party Ideas (Your Residents Will Actually Attend)

By: Brentnie D 

The holiday party is a subject of joy or chagrin depending on whether you’re the attendee or the planner. If the thought of throwing a holiday party before Christmas has you feeling more stress than holiday cheer, consider waiting until the hustle-and-bustle dies down, and throw a party in January to ring in the new year!

However, if you are hosting a resident holiday party this year, and are dreading planning the same ugly Christmas sweater party as the last 3 years, it’s time to branch out.

These unique–and actually fun–party ideas will have your residents coming for more than just the free food. So sit down with some cocoa and take a page from Santa’s book as you read this list (and check it twice) to find out which party is… an event that your residents will truly enjoy.

Cookie Party:

As a child, there’s few activities more exciting than decorating cookies. An activity that combines cookies, candy, art and frosting could not be more loved. Did I mention there was sugar involved?

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Go Plan a Party!

There's so much you can do for a holiday party, whether you're just decorating cookies or have all the ingredients to make the coolest looking gingerbread house ever! The best part about holiday parties in your Chico or Redding apartment is that whatever you have planned for the evening, it's all about the people you spend it with. It’s time for you and your friends to catch up or for you to get to know your neighbors better.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it! Have fun with it and make sure to remember that the spirit of Christmas is something to celebrate!

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