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Get to Know the Apartment Neighbors Near You

Jul 29, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

dogs in doghouseOne of the great things about living in an apartment is that you always have people around you to look out for you. Although if you’re a cynic, you may be thinking that always having people around only causes annoyances and issues. In either case, you should get to know your neighbors. That way they are there when you need them, or if they’re annoying you, you’ve already broken the ice and can tell them to knock it off!

How to get to know your neighbors

It’s amazing how you can live somewhere with a lot of people around you, but never even find out their names. Living in an apartment in Chico or Redding means you probably have neighbors above or below you, across from you, and next door to you. If you’ve just moved in, or a new neighbor has just moved in, then you have the perfect opportunity to knock on their door and introduce yourself.

You may even consider baking them cookies as a good will gesture. If both you and your neighbors have been living in your apartments for awhile, you probably at least recognize each other enough to say a quick hi when coming and going or waving from the parking lot.

Next time you come in near contact, make it a point to say, “we’re neighbors, and I’m sorry but I can’t even remember your name! I’m so and so.” Or just ask them how they are or comment on their freshly planted flower pot on the porch. Anything to be warm and friendly.

Where to get to know your neighbors

There’s no better place to get to know your neighbors than the apartment clubhouse. Most apartment complexes in Chico and Redding offer something like a weekly breakfast, monthly movie night, and occasional events likes barbecues or theme nights. These are excellent ways to get to know the people you live around in a social and casual environment.

You can also easily strike up a conversation while cooling off in the swimming pool or exercising in the fitness room. Even picking up your mail or taking out the trash can start up a conversation. It might take a little bit of initiative on your part, but most people will appreciate it.

Why to get to know your neighbors

Developing some kind of relationship with those who live near you can benefit you in a few ways. Your neighbors can keep an eye on your apartment when you’re out of town. They can also let you know if anything seems out of the ordinary when you’re gone during the day.

If you need anything – from an egg for the cake you’re making, to someone to water the plants on your patio – they're probably more than willing to help.

You also will just feel safer knowing the people around you. If your neighbors are too loud, seem to have people coming and going at all hours, or are doing something to cause you grief, developing a relationship with them will make it easier to talk to them about these types of issues.

For the most part, getting to know your neighbors living near you in apartments in Chico or Redding will be a good thing. So take action and make the first move. You might even end up becoming good friends with them.

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