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Decorating Your Apartment for Spring and Summer

May 13, 2021 2:06:58 PM / by Hignell Rentals Team

flowers on tableIn the midst of Spring everyone's really thinking about Summer, so why not make sure your apartment décor can span both seasons? Below you’ll find some great ideas on how to spruce up your apartment with both spring and summer décor!

Plants & Flowers

Nothing says fresh clean air and blue skies better than adding plants and flowers to your apartment, it truly brings the presence of the outdoors into your apartment. Your indoor plants bring in the beautiful green that you can see through your apartment windows (just think of your complexes’ freshly mowed lawn). The flowers add a touch of color to remind you that the new season brings with it new life.

You can find the perfect plants or flowers for your apartment at your local hardware store, but if you have a brown thumb then fake ones can still do the trick. Real plants and flowers bring the smell of freshness and other spring/summer smells, but a candle or essential oils can replace the smell if you decide to purchase fake ones instead!

Bedding & Pillows

Switching out your bedding colors and couch pillows is another way to change your apartment décor to spring and summer vibes. Go for brighter colors! Pastel colors always give off the spring look and adding in some beach blues is perfect for summer. You can purchase one of these light summer throws from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia to place on your couch or on your patio/balcony chair. Find a few light or bright colored throw pillows to really top of the look!

Floral Art

Another way to bring some color or greenery into your apartment without having to keep a plant alive is by hanging floral art! There are a variety of floral art pieces to choose from depending on what colors and style of artwork you like.

This tip also works for your bathroom to help brighten up the space!

Light It Up

The easiest way to bring your apartment into spring and summer is by opening up the blinds and pulling back the curtains. Get as much natural light into your apartment as possible, even if you have to open windows or doors to get the sunlight to come through.

Once you’ve brought the light in, you’ll begin to see your space in a new way. You’ll notice all the pieces of décor that are just too dark and gloomy for the spring and summer seasons. Remove them from the room and store them away until fall comes around.

Switch Out Your Area Rug

You can finish decorating your apartment for both Spring and Summer by switching out or purchasing an area rug. Maybe you have a rug in your living room, kitchen, or a runner by the entry way that is a the darker color. Find a new one that is bright or has a bold pattern that will bring in the color missing from the walls around it.

No matter how you choose to decorate for a season, remember that just switching out a few items usually does the trick. You don’t have to go all out each season unless that’s your style of decorating!

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