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Chico Living: Searching for a 2 Bedroom Apartment and a Roommate?

May 20, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

amanda place 2 bed apartment floor plan.jpgTo live alone or to not live alone, that is the question. The idea of living alone sounds so peaceful. You don’t have to ask anyone if they would turn the TV down when you are reading in your room. You don’t have to check to see if the bathroom is free when you decide you want to shower. You also don’t have to double check if it’s okay to have friends over on a “school” night.

Unless you are made of money, the idea of living alone starts to lose its luster when you begin to see how much it will cost you. One of the biggest benefits to having a roommate is the ability to split all the bills. You may have to share your common space with them, but in a 2 bed apartment you can still have control over your own room. Sharing bills is one thing, but sharing a bedroom is something you probably don’t want to do if you can afford it.

That’s where Hignell Rentals comes in! We have quite a few 2 bed apartments that you can choose from. Here are just two of our complexes, Amanda Place and 1661 Forest Ave! 

Amanda Place Apartments

When you move into Amanda Place Apartments, you will find an upscale, friendly community with beautiful, quality apartments. Our exceptional service is guaranteed to make you feel at home. The fun begins when you walk out your door to the abundant amenities offered at Amanda Place. Leisure and fitness have never been so easy! It is like being on vacation, right at home.

Located on the south side of Chico near the mall, Amanda Place gives you quick access to the Chico Bike Path and Little Chico Creek. Since the proximity of the bike path is so convenient, they have a free bike checkout as one of their amazing amenities.

Want to stay in shape? No need to pay those crazy gym fees, Amanda Place has a fitness center along with a sauna, pool, and spa/Jacuzzi. They also have the basics that should be available in every 2 bed apartment you look at such as: central HVAC, ceiling fans, washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, refrigerator and the added bonus of a balcony or patio!

Best part? They even allow small pets, just make sure you talk with the manager to see if your cute little animal will pass inspection!

1661 Forest Ave Apartments

1661 Forest Avenue Apartments offer a quiet and peaceful community nestled among tall trees and lush landscaping. Residents find abundant shopping and services within easy walking distance. Bidwell Park is a short bike ride away and a walking/biking path borders the property. With so many wonderful amenities and such a great location, you'll never find a better place to call home.

The Forest Ave apartments are located right next door to our Amanda Place apartments on the south side of Chico. It has many of the same amenities listed above, expect for a few. While they don’t have a free bike checkout, they do have basketball and tennis courts to add to your daily cardio!

If you are looking for a 2 bed apartment, this is a fantastic place to call home. Forest Ave is now accepting small pets as well, just double check with the manager to see if your furry little friend will pass inspection.

More 2 Bedroom Apartments in Chico

Roommate Must Dos

Whether you have found the person you are going to live with or not, it’s a good idea to make sure you have thoroughly talked it through. Interviewing them is the best way to go about checking to see if they will be a good fit for you. Jillian Finely crafted 30 questions to ask a roommate before you move in together that cover basically everything that you would need to know before sharing space and bills with them. 

If you are still searching for someone to interview you can look into these best places to find a roommate. We wish you luck in your roommate search.

Now that you have seen what there is when looking for a 2 bed apartment in Chico, want to learn a little more about what our town has to offer you? Check out our North State Living page and see some of our favorite places to eat, fun activities to do with the family, and more!

Things To Do In The North State

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