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Why You Should Have Renters Insurance in Chico Apartments

May 21, 2020 9:35:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

note that reads are you covered?You never plan for a fire to break out in your apartment or someone to break into your apartment and steal your things. It's for that reason alone that Renter's Insurance exists! 

Unlike car insurance, renter's insurance is optional when you move into your Chico apartment, but it's highly recommended. You gain a confidence that even if things went completely haywire, you'd still be able to breath and receive compensation for your loss. 

You also get to gain back control and stability during the crisis without breaking the bank every month. Here are just a few things that renter's insurance can cover for you. 


The most popular reason people purchase renter's insurance is in case of a fire happening. Not only do you have to deal with the burn damage, but you also have to deal with the smoke damage. For example, if your neighbor had a fire within their apartment, but the flames didn't touch your unit, you might still have to worry about the smoke doing damage to your belongings. Renter's insurance can help with this. 


Another great way that renter’s insurance protects your belongings is helping you replace them after theft. Whether somebody breaks into your apartment or maybe even your car and steals from you, your coverage can help replace your stolen property. 

Personal Liability

Imagine somebody getting hurt in your apartment and suing you. Having renter's insurance that overs personal liability can help you! Not many people think about getting sued within their Chico apartment, but it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to paying legal fees!

Property Damage to Others

An additional benefit to having renter's insurance is that it not only covers your things, it also covers YOU. This means if you accidentally cause damage to somebody else's property, your insurance (depending on which plan you have) might help you pay to replace it. This way, of you ever find yourself too excited during a future football game and send something across the room and it shatters the glass of your friend's TV, you're covered. 

Water Damages

While most renter's insurance plans don't include coverage from flooding, some of them do cover water damage. For instance, if you had a pipe burst and damage some of your belongings, then your insurance would help you replace your damaged property.

These are just a few ways renter's insurance can help you, click here to check out all the things that renter's insurance might cover. For the cost of a couple Starbuck's coffees, you can have quality renter's insurance that will protect you and your Hignell Rentals apartment. 

Learn more about the basics of Renter's Insurance by downloading the free eBook below!Renters Insurance 101

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