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Beach. Coconut. Lime. Apartment Living in Summertime!

Jun 11, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

coconut and lime drinkThe Chico summer heat wave is upon us, scorching the grass yellow, blade by blade, and melting our thermostats one degree at a time.

People do desperate things to escape the summer blues. But let’s be honest, you don’t have to be that person sitting in a plastic kiddie pool sipping on a piña colada, to find your local paradise.

Think of your apartment as an oasis...the cool inviting refuge you seek to get away from the heavy heat. Spruce up the interior of your home with cool icy blues or a fresh twist of lemon. Line your patio with tiki torches and let the good times roll.

Keep reading for bright apartment living tips on how to turn your apartment into your own personal paradise, with everything from tropical menu items to coconut scented candles that bring the island breeze right to your front door.

Warm Evenings Call for Cool Celebrations

Just because the weather app on your phone tells you that it's 97 degrees outside, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your patio, even if is nine o’clock at night (Thanks again, Chico summer).

Make use of your outside space. Embrace the opportunity to lounge in shorts and a t-shirt, sip on a cold beverage, and listen to the perfect summertime playlist.

According to, in a summer edition on happy apartment living, “summer is the perfect season to make your apartment balcony, porch or patio your go-to hangout. Many of the pastimes you enjoy indoors can be carried out into your outdoor space.” This means setting up a poker game outside with your buddies, crafting up a romantic candlelight dinner for your love, or simply enjoying the starry night with a bowl of ice cream.

The point is, remember how cold it can get in January, and embrace the warmth! It only lasts for a few months, well sometimes through November, but still! (Hint: If you are one of those people who love the fog and rain, then maybe stay indoors with the AC on and binge watch Netflix -- equally satisfying!).

Ocean Themed Awesomeness

Turn your shower time into a relaxing island getaway with sea mist scented bath gels and clean white linens. If you are a scent lover, try out fresh tropical candle combinations, such as coconut and lime, to transport your apartment into the white sand beaches of the Caribbean. If you're looking for a more mild transformation, try hanging your favorite vintage beach photo in your bathroom, or painting a small sign that says, “Life’s a Beach.”

Remember to check for coupons at your favorite Home Goods stores, or try some DIY projects for small items to save money on your summer projects. (Hint: You can find fish netting, seashells, candles, supplies, and many other fun items to work with at Michaels, who consistently offers 20% off coupons).  

Put the Lime in the Coconut…

And shake it all up! A squeeze of lime, a bit of spice, and an adventurous spirit is all it takes to liven up your menu!

Search around for recipes and gather up summertime ingredients to please your pallet. recommends to “look for island-inspired recipes from Jamaica, Cuba, Hawaii and other tropical locales” or to shop local and check out the “farmer’s market for fresh tomatoes, peppers, corn and berries to make amazing summer salads.”

Take a spin at a fresh and healthy summer menu. Eat what you love. Try new things. Have you ever had Jamaican Jerk Chicken? It's to die for!

For some inspiration, Good Housekeeping offers a listing of the 60 Best Summer Recipes that are sure to dazzle at your dinner parties (when we can have them again) or sauce up your solo plate nights.  

“Why's the rum gone?” 

Tropical. Fruity. Salty. Icey. Delicious.

For the adults over 21, try fun new summertime cocktails to pair with your evening hang outs. Whether you like cool minty mojitos or a strawberry daquiri, enjoy the warm weather with a cool beverage in hand. For an awesome list of drinks to DIY at home, Country Living shares 28 of the Most Refreshing Cocktails You’ll Ever Have. (If you don’t drink, try making these same delightful drinks, just minus the booze).

Beware: While you Mai Thai your way into a perfect summer evening, be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid the Johnny Depp pirate swagger. And remember, no alcohol by the apartment swimming pool. Please drink responsibly!

Aloha to Beachy Linens!

Take advantage of the summer season to bring out your lighter household linens, such as cotton sheets, Hawaiian themed dish towels, and gauzy curtains. Try fun new floral pattern coverlets or surf style bedroom accents.

Always keep in mind that there are treasures to be found at local thrift stores for those of us on a budget and looking to enjoy seasonal upgrades.

Come home after a long hot day in the sun to a Santorini inspired blue and white paradise, or brighten up your sofa with watermelon colored couch pillows. Flavor your living room to your personal aesthetic, sit back, and relax.

Soak up the Summer in Your Chico Apartment!

Drench the fiery Chico summer with a single cup of water on ice, and dive right into summer patterns, flavors, textures, and themes for both inside and outside of your apartment. We hope the tips above have inspired you to think outside the mainland and encouraged you along the path to paradise.

For more amazing tips for summer apartment living, check out the Hignell Rental blog and be sure to reference the guide below! 

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