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Tips to Get Chico Apartment Patios and Balconies Ready for Summer

Jun 3, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

apartment patio or balconyNow that summer is almost here, it’s time to make sure that your apartment patio or balcony is ready for anything. When cleaning, we typically focus so much of attention on the inside of our Chico apartments that we completely forget the hidden potential that our patios and balconies have. Once you washed off all nastiness that comes with rain, wind, and the shedding of spring, use these tips to get your balcony or patio ready for summer!

Purchase Furniture

The amount of seating that you purchase will depend on how much furniture you’re envisioning on your patio or balcony and the actual space you have. There are many different types of outdoor furniture in various colors and sizes that can handle the different types of weather. Get creative! Add an ottoman, a love seat, coffee table, and other pieces of furniture that will bring comfort to your patio. Make it a place that when the nights are cool you can’t wait to use it. 

Address the Flooring

An inexpensive way to add color and have something soft beneath your toes would be to add an outdoor rug. Rugs not only add color to a space but they can also turn a bland space into one that’s cozy! If you have the money, we recommend getting an outdoor rug that’s washable, that way it can last for years and will whether all the weather changes that Chico goes through.

If you have a larger budget and would like to drastically change your patio or balcony floor, then consider easy to install wood flooring. It’s perfect for apartments because it isn’t permanent — you cut the pieces to size and take it with you when you go to your next apartment. 

Add Greenery

A great way to bring to life your apartment balcony or patio is to have plants. Whether big, wide, tall or small, greenery just adds another dimension to the way that you feel while enjoying your outdoor space. It can become your own little slice of the outdoors without having to leave your apartment. 

Add some character to your balcony or patio beyond the traditional flower (though if that’s all you want - go for it!). For example, succulents, cacti or herbs are pretty and can give various sizes, shapes, and shades of color. Before you go ahead and purchase all the wonderful looking plants at the nearest hardware store or green house, make sure you know the plants that can survive the Chico heat. 

Add Lighting 

Complete your patio or balcony look by adding some fun lighting. These string lights are popular and known to bring the exposed light bulb feel to your outdoor setting while also being a nice warm color. You can string them along the top of your patio or balcony with command strips or wrap them around your patio or balcony’s fence. 

Don’t want to spend time stringing lights around? Find a fun lamp you can add to the coffee table or in the corner of your space. Grab one of these to light up your space!

Cool It Down

With Chico heat, it can seem downright unbearable to sit outside let alone have a good time on your balcony or patio. Consider cooling down your outdoor space by purchasing a small mist fan or a mobile swamp cooler. Both are great for smaller outdoor areas and to use for shorter periods of time!


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