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5 Packing Tips to Make Moving into Your Apartment Easier

Jun 19, 2019 2:05:02 PM / by Hignell Rentals Team

woman checking packing listAfter you've found the perfect apartment in Chico or Redding, it's time to start the process of moving. There are a few people who are experts and just great at making the experience of moving as painless as possible. Here are a few tips that can make your moving experience just a little bit easier and less tedious.

1.  Hire a babysitter

Before you actually begin the packing process, hire a babysitter to take care of your children and pets. It will save you a world of stress if you know that your little loved ones are safe while the house is a jumbled mess and they both could potentially get into cleaning chemicals or find chinaware to break.

Tip: Save time by making sure you have all of the supplies that you need on hand, that way you won't have to leave and go to the store when you're in a packing groove. 

2.  Pack an overnight bag

Once you begin, first pack an overnight bag or box that has the essentials that you'll need. That way if you don’t have the energy to unpack multiple boxes at the end of the long day you'll at least have the basics. Who wants to try to dig out their contact lenses case when all you want to do is go to bed? So plan ahead!

3.  Create photo reminders

Take a picture of the electronics to see where the cables belong when they are plugged in to your TV, Blu-Ray player or printer. Then make sure that when you unplug these cables you put them into a large Ziplock bag to ensure that they stay together. And make sure that you label each of the bags. This will make the unpacking process easier. Do the same thing with screws for paintings or shelves to keep them organized.

4.  Clearly label contents

When you begin packing, organization is a huge key to make sure that the process of moving and unpacking is flawless. Label each of the boxes with a list of the contents or description of what is in the box. Also include which room they belong in. So when your friends and family are helping move the boxes, they know which room to put the boxes in. This will help the unpacking process!

5.  Don't limit yourself to boxes

If you only have access to a limited amount of boxes, use suitcases, backpacks and baskets to pack items like clothes, knickknacks and books. Keep your clothes in the dresser drawers. Use garbage bags to pack clothes that are still on hangers.

Tip: Make sure you pack the kitchen with the sturdiest boxes so that you can pack the plates and glasses. Pack the plates vertically to keep them safe and use clean socks and scarves to protect the glasses.

Now that you have the tools to make your packing process easier, it’s time to turn on the music and get started!

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