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11 Easy (and Affordable) Ways To Be Organized in Apartments

Nov 3, 2021 11:17:28 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

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One of the challenges of modern apartment living is keeping things organized and tidy. You probably find yourself limited when it comes to space, especially for storage. You no doubt want to keep everything tucked away so you can have a clutter free living space, but don’t want to pile everything up so you can’t find things when you need them. Here are some affordable tips for keeping your apartment organized:

1. Making Bulky Become Skinny

Use vacuum storage bags to cut down the size of bulky bedding and store seasonal clothing. They’re fairly cheap, costing under thirty dollars for a pack of them (depending on the size and amount you need). If you’ve got limited closet space you probably don’t want your thick winter coats getting in the way during summer.

2. Organized Closets 

Speaking of closets, is yours organized? Having a system can make finding things easier. Try to group your clothes together. For example you could group by season or by occasion such as work wear, dinner wear, party wear, etc. Consider storing things you don’t wear often elsewhere in your apartment.

3. Folding Tables

They aren't just for poker games between buddies, so consider using a fold up table. It could replace your coffee table or your breakfast table. You don’t use those tables all day, so why not? Apartment living isn’t always ideal when it comes to extra space, so reclaiming some in this way is one solution.

4. Stacking Is Your Friend 

Stack your Tupperware. If you’ve got lots of empty containers then make sure you’re stacking them inside one another to save space and to keep them out of the way when you’re looking for other things in your cupboards.

5. Ultilize Your Luggage

Use your luggage for storage. Anything you use infrequently is a good fit for hiding away in a suitcase. Like the last tip you can also store luggage inside luggage if you have lots of varying sizes.

6. Reminders, Reminders, Reminders

Forgetful? Make use of the reminders feature on your phone instead of have a bunch of scratch pieces of paper lying around. Invest in some fridge magnets and use them to pin important notes to your fridge. You could get a real bulletin board, but you’d be wasting valuable wall space that way, and would you remember to check it?

7. Under Your Bed (it's not just for monsters)

What’s under your bed? Hopefully not a monster waste of space. Under the bed is a great place for storing shoes, especially if you’ve got so many they’re cluttering up your closet. It’s also ideal for things like books, DVDs, or toys. Plastic, or canvas storage containers are very affordable and ideal for apartment living.

8. Door Racks 

Another closet tip is to use door mounted racks. They come in all manner of sizes and prices usually start around $15. Shoe racks are the most common, but there are also pocket racks that are good for storing other small items such as belts or gloves.

9. Disguised Storage

Re-purpose food containers for storage. With this one you can get creative if you like. Glass jars can look very stylish when used as storage containers and tins can make excellent home office equipment holders. A little decoration and they’re good as new.

10. Multi-Purposed Furniture

Multifunctional furniture can really help with tight apartment living conditions. For example, when you’re in the market for a table, look for one with drawers. Likewise, when shopping for storage options consider things you can sit on like benches for the end of the bed.

11. Wall Racks Can Be Decor Too

An empty wall is a wasted wall, especially in the kitchen where you want to keep your surfaces as clear as possible. You can make use of affordable wall racks for things like pots and pans or knives.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to start looking around your apartment for ways to get the most out of your apartment living space.


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