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Own a Pet? How To Get That Pesky Fur Gone In Chico Rental Properties

Nov 5, 2021 3:04:00 PM / by Hignell Rentals Team

dog and cat under blanketIt’s a scenario that you may know all too well. The pet fur stuck to your clothes, the lingering smell of stinky pet in your furniture, and the looks that your guests give you when they come over to visit. As a part of the requirements of your apartment lease, keeping your apartment clean and void of odors and damage from your pet is common in Chico Rental Properties. Get these tips to help you clean up that pesky fur!  


Collecting pet fur and dander on your floor is much easier when they are carpet floors. But what do you do when simply vacuuming doesn’t cut it? Take a squeegee and begin scraping the carpet, you'll slowly see the fur come up from the carpet. When you are done squeegeeing your carpet (I know it sounds weird), it is time to vacuum and use a deodorizer to help neutralize any odors.

Hardwood/Laminate flooring

Want a quick clean on your floor? Using a Swiffer Wet Jet is great way to pick up pet hair and clean any messes that they have left behind with their fur. A nice steam cleaner gets the job done too.


Having a hand-held vacuum, or a regular vacuum with the attachments to clean your furniture is a great way to suck up that pet fur. Clean on a regular basis, especially when you are expecting a guest. A way to help prevent massive amounts of fur from getting on your furniture is to train your pet (primarily dogs) not to lay on your couches or chairs.


Finding hair in a freshly baked cookie is never fun. So what can you do to help prevent that from happening? Clean your kitchen before you cook or bake. Wipe down your cabinets, countertops and any other places where fur can land and then become airborne when a breeze or movement strikes. Starting with a clean kitchen is always the best way to prevent fur from getting into your food and then prevent your pet from being in the kitchen while you are preparing food.

Unfortunately, whenever you have a pet that lives indoors, the answer seems to always be to clean on a regular basis. For more tips on cleaning Chico rental properties or apartment living with pets, download our Pet Tool Kit below! 

Pet Tool Kit

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