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Why You Might Be Hesitant to Move into Apartments in Chico California

Aug 19, 2021 8:45:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

woman hesitatingThere are some great perks to living in apartments in Chico California, but there can be some drawbacks too. The thing is, most people psyche themselves up about apartment living because of preconceived notions they’ve heard or read about, horror stories friends share with them, or because they haven’t experienced apartments in Chico California first hand.

There are always two sides to every situation. Below are the common complaints you might have heard about apartment living and our take on how to deal with them when you start searching for apartment for rent.


One of the most common annoyances of living in apartments in Chico California and really anywhere for that matter is other people. When you live in close proximity to other people they are bound to get on your nerves – and you’re bound to get on theirs too. When you live in an apartment, common every day actions become annoying. Here are a few scenarios: 

  • You live next to a smoker and can constantly smell the cigarette smoke.
  • An elderly gentleman with poor hearing lives above you and turns his TV volume up as high as it could go – and he never sleeps.
  • The neighbors next to you have two children under the age of five who think banging on the wall is hysterical.
  • The college students below you are teaching themselves how to cook and constantly set the smoke alarm off because they forget to set a timer.

Yes, neighbors can be a nuisance but you will have them wherever you live. The best thing you can do is learn how to deal with less than perfect neighbors and be the kind of neighbor you would want to have.


Just like the elderly man who turns up the volume on his TV or the family whose kids like to bang on the walls, you will experience extra noise living in apartments in Chico California. You can also expect to hear loud bumpin’ music when you’re trying to sleep, a yippy dog that barks because it’s been alone all day, or arguing from the couple that should really consider taking a break. The point is, noise is inevitable but you can deal with it by:

  • Politely talking to the noise makers and asking them to tone it down
  • Bringing the excessive noise to the attention of the apartment manager and letting them deal with it.

Next time you have a few friends over for a get together be considerate of how much noise you’re making too.


This could refer to the location of the apartment complex itself or the location of your specific unit. If you have an ideal location in town where you’d like to live there’s probably a Hignell Rentals apartment nearby. For example, your ideal apartments in Chico California might be:

  • Near public transportation
  • In close proximity to shopping
  • Within walking distance of Bidwell Park

Try searching apartments for rent using our Rental Search at the top of the page. 

When it comes to your specific apartment unit, before you sign the lease to rent ask where your apartment will be. For example, if peaceful and quiet is important to you, you might not want your apartment to be next to a busy road or have a bus stop outside your window. You probably wouldn’t want to be near the swimming pool either since people tend to gather there.


Maybe you’d like to move to a new apartment, but you think you can’t afford to upgrade. There are apartments for rent in Chico California that can fit all types of budget. The key though is to have a budget. Before you even start looking for a new apartment know what you can afford. Consider all possibilities, like having a roommate or getting a second a job if there are extra amenities that are a priority to you. For example, if you have a pet most apartments will require a pet deposit or a little bit more in rent. The good thing is that when you live in an apartment water and garbage are usually paid, and if something breaks you can just call maintenance to come and fix it. That could save you some big bucks!


It really all comes down to your mindset. If you understand ahead of time that apartment living means you might need to be flexible and somewhat understanding now and then, you’ll have a great living experience. Most of the time things will be just fine. 

Make a list of a few things that you require when looking at apartments for rent, for example a quiet street or accepts pets. Once you have your list you can begin searching for the perfect apartment. Check out our available listings to see if we have exactly what you're looking for!

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