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Tips for Moving to a Chico Apartment During Hot Summer Months

May 12, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Family moving into chico apartment in summerIf there's one thing Chico, CA is famous for, it’s our incredibly hot summer weather. And although the heat compliments our outdoor adventurous spirit, lush park, and beautiful rivers, it can make moving a bit more challenging. Moving can be a daunting task under the easiest of conditions…add in hot summer days and quarantine, and you might find yourself sizzling with frustration. 

Don’t let the Chico summer get the best of you.

Below are some helpful tips and tricks to battle the heat while you move into your new Chico apartment.

Plan Ahead

The folks over at Moveline remind us that around 50 percent of all moves take place in the summer months, 65 percent if you include May!

This means that prices are higher and resource availability is lower. Whether you're moving just yourself, or a family of 5 to a Chico apartment, it may be helpful to plan 6-8 weeks in advance to make sure you have the tools you need for a successful transition.

Timing is Everything: Did you know that the hottest times of the day are generally between 2-5pm? If you'll be reserving moving equipment, asking friends for help, or generally like to plan ahead, it may be best to arrange your helpers to meet you early and have all resources ready to go first thing in the morning. Plus, there might be less traffic on weekend mornings, which could be helpful if you're hauling furniture or are not used to driving a U-Haul.

We realize that not everybody has flexibility in their moving schedule. However, we recommend avoiding holidays and weekends if possible, specifically Memorial Day and the last weekend in July.

Whatever your moving situation may be, following the best practices below may help you avoid unexpected upsets, heat stings, and broken things.

Stay Cool

First things first, drink a ton of water! Moving takes a lot of physical exertion, whether you're the heavy lifter, the packer, or the box director. Hydrate with plenty of fluids to help keep your muscles moving, your spirit high, and your heatstroke risk low.

Moving stress can cause frustrations to run as high as the temperatures outside, so be sure to pay attention to your water intake and rest, which will help maintain your mood. Take short breaks if your moving schedule allows.

Hint: If you will be in direct sunlight during your moving process, you may consider taking protective measures such as wearing sunblock, hats, and light full-coverage clothing. Be sure to dress comfortably, and wear supportive shoes!

Plan for Pets

To make sure pets are carefully kept out of the heat and safe from moving traffic, it might be best to board or leave your pet with a friend. Don’t forget to plan ahead for your pet’s transition to your new apartment by introducing them in a calm, cool, and comfortable environment.

Protect Your Stuff

Your key turns in the lock. The door to your brand-new Chico apartment swings open. You are greeted by a gush of crisp cool air, because you remembered to turn on the air conditioner before your move. There is the smell of fresh paint and new beginnings. You reach to unpack your first box and settle into your new home.

The last thing you want to find is a melted candle, a warped CD, or worse…your nostalgic childhood Star Wars cassette tape melted into galactic goo.  

Also, be careful of how you transport items with leather, which can sweat if wrapped in plastic. Moveline suggests using a pad instead of materials that can create moisture in high heat environments.

It's important to remember that food products are not the only perishable items involved in your move; take extra precaution for how your delicate things are packed and how long they will be exposed to the heat.

When it does come to food, last and fast is the rule for transporting refrigerated items to your new apartment. Take food over on the last trip and be sure to not leave items sitting in vehicles for long periods of time.

Wrap Up

We hope these tips help you and your family as you move into your Chico apartment this summer. For further tips on packing, settling in, and exploring the community, check out the Hignell Rentals Blog, and the moving guide offer below. 

Ultimate Moving Guide

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