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Staying Warm Inside Your Rental

Jan 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

warm inside your rentalWinter is upon us in Northern California, which is usually the time that everyone turns up their thermostats and experiences the not so seasonal joy of higher power bills.

Add that to the extra energy you are already paying from having to spend more time at home and it can be a little overwhelming! But what if you could stay warm inside your rental this winter season without paying more for your energy bill?

We found 9 different ways you can help to warm your rental that have nothing  to do with turning up your heater!

Invest in a Humidifier

Dry air carries the cold easier, so it makes sense that moist air helps warmth radiate, right? Think about those trips you've made to the South and how the heat seemed to go everywhere with you. The extra moisture in the air was the reason it stuck to you like glue. With a humidifier you can receive the same warmth abundance, but on a level that feels comfortable to you!

Bathroom Door Open When Showering

One of the fastest ways to add warm moisture to your rental is to keep your bathroom door open when showering. You may find yourself asking, “But won’t showering be cold with the door open?” Initially yes. When you leave the door open and let the air spread into your rental, stepping out of the shower won’t have as much of a cold slap as you’re used to. This will help you to not want to reach for the thermostat to warm up faster!

Hot Water Bottle

This old fashioned trick will help you warm your bed before you get under the covers for a good night sleep! Grab one under $20 from Amazon. Extremely easy to use and is great to not only help stay warm under your comforter for 6-8 hours, but also to help alleviate any aches and pains you have too!

Cozy Blankets & Pillows

We are of the belief that you can’t have too many cozy blankets and pillows in your rental during the wintertime. Thick fuzzy blankets along with flannel sheets will help to keep your bed toasty warm. Add a few to your couch and when you’re watching your favorite show on the couch you’ll be as warm as if you were in your bed!

More Oven Meals 

Heat your home and feed yourself at the same time by making meals that require you to use your oven. Have your oven do two things at once for you and maximize your comfort! Eating a warm meal always warms you from the inside out, but add in the extra heat your oven will give off and you get a cozy bonus.

Windows Closed

This one may seem silly and straight forward, but it’s still important to mention! Fresh air is something that everyone enjoys, but when the feeling hits in the winter take a walk outside instead. Keep your well fought for heat inside your rental by making sure all your windows are closed securely and there are no drafts! If your windows do have a draft, call your property manager or put in request with your apartment’s maintenance department. 

Dust Off Vents + Clean Air Filters

Make sure the heat you're running through your rental is flowing as efficiently as possible. Take out your trusty duster and clean off those vents! This will allow the air to fully circulate through your rental instead of getting trapped by large dust bunnies. You’ll also want to check your air filters, just like a dust covered vent, a dirty filter won’t let all your warm air in efficiently! 

Reverse Fan Direction

You run your ceiling fan in the summer to help keep the cool air flowing, but did you know you can do the same thing with warm air during the winter? When you reverse your fan direction to go clockwise, it will push the warm air circulating near your ceiling down to help keep the warm air below where you can feel it. Then when you leave the room, turn the fan off!

Turn the Thermostat Down

Lastly, know the times of day where you can put your thermostat down into the cooler temperatures. For instance, if you have a toasty warm blanket and your hot water bottle on the covers you can afford to turn down your thermostat during the night while you’re sleeping. Same goes if you have safely returned to working in an office, turn it down when you aren't at home during the day. 

You now have nine different ways you can stay warm inside your rental without having to increase your heating bill this winter! 

Here at Hignell Rentals, we care about the safety of our residents. Our Apartment Safety Tips may seem like common sense, but it's better safe than sorry. As it's not only important to know how to keep yourself safe but also who to call if you need help. 

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