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Stay Safe While Apartment Living With These 3 Tips

Dec 16, 2021 10:47:08 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

fall parking lotDuring this time of year it's getting colder and the sun is setting earlier, and we want people who live in Chico apartments to be safe. Living in a well managed apartment complex has many benefits, and it's important to prioritize safety so you can keep your experience as positive as possible.

Here are some tips for safe apartment living:

Parking Lots

When you are walking from the parking lot of your apartment to your unit at night, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Try to park where there is ample lighting and report to your manager if any lights aren’t working. I like to carry a small flashlight just in case I have a longer walk than normal to walk to my unit safely. If you see any suspicious behavior even in the parking lot, call your manager if the office is still open, call the 24 hour security number if your complex has one, or call the police.

Keeping Warm

With the colder weather ahead, it is common for us apartment renters to try to save money on our electricity bills by trying other ways to warm our apartments up. I have a friend who loves her space heater to heat up her bedroom to please her roommate that likes a cooler temperature. This helps keep everybody satisfied while keeping cost low. But, space heaters shouldn’t be the way that you heat up your whole apartment if you have other options like a furnace or central heating. It is way more cost effective to use the central heating than to use your space heaters. When you use space heaters make sure that you use them safely and responsibly. Turn them off when you aren't there, left on unsupervised is a fire hazard. 

Mood Lighting

When is gets cooler and darker sooner, I find myself to be in my apartment more. I enjoy lighting candles to not only make my apartment smell refreshing, but I feel as though it makes the space more inviting - especially if I am having guests over. But when you light candles, it is important to remember to blow them out whenever you aren’t able to watch over them. Where you place your candles is important for safety as well. Place them away from dangling fabrics, vents that are blowing air and if you have pets or kids keep them high enough off the ground and out of reach.

With the apartment living safety tips above, you can make this transition into winter seamlessly while keeping yourself safe and accident free! If you are looking for apartments in Northern California check out Hignell Rentals. We have beautiful rentals with well-lit parking lots, friendly staff and more that will meet your needs to make our apartments your new home!

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