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Some Do's and Don'ts of Rental Living with Pets

May 5, 2015 12:00:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

small cat and dogEver try to find a rental while living with a pet? It's usually enough to make you howl! If your dog or cat is bigger than a teacup poodle many property managers won't even entertain the idea of allowing a pet in one of their units. All is not lost though. With some due diligence, and a good pet, you'll be able to find a place for you and your best friend.

The Don'ts of Rental Living With a Pet

Let's start with some don'ts of renting with pets. There are some things that will get you evicted quickly and leave you and your pal on the streets. Here are a few:

  • Always be honest with your property manager. Tell them if you have a pet that is going to be living with you. If the manager finds out you're already living in the unit with a pet either both of you or the pet may be asked to leave.
  • Don't allow your pet to run free if you're outside of your home or apartment. Keep your buddy close to you.
  • Keep the noise down to a minimum. Dogs will bark. This can annoy neighbors who can cause trouble for you.
  • Make sure the animal relieves itself in a litter box or in a proper place outside. If outside always pick up after the animal.

If you're a responsible owner then you and your pet will be welcome in many places. If not, be ready for some issues.

Some Do's For Rental Living with a Pet

If your animal if well behaved you'll be welcome just about anywhere. Even places that might not normally allow pets might make an exception if you can prove your animal is well behaved. Some of the do's of living with a pet are:

  • Be honest with yourself about your pet. If your cat scratches up the walls and your dog barks all the time get them trained before you try to find a rental.
  • Sympathize with the property manager but make a case for you animal. Many managers don't really know where they got their pet policy from. For example, many think a large dog will do more damage than a small one, but the opposite is just as likely. Educate the owner or manager as to how you have kept your pet's damage to a minimum.
  • Do a more refined search when looking for a rental to insure a better chance of success for finding a place to live where pets are welcome.
  • If there is a not pet policy, ask anyway if you can have a pet. Some managers will allow a pet after they're assured you're a responsible renter and pet owner.
  • Put together a pet resume. Yes, a resume! Get your pet’s vet records and find some people who will vouch for the pet. This may turn the tide for the animal.
  • Offer to pay an extra deposit. This may alleviate any fears the manager has about renting to someone with a pet.

Rental living does not have to be so hard on pets. There are some sobering figures when it comes to pets and renting. Many pets are put down each year after they're left off at shelters due to an owner moving. The policy of no pets in rental units can be devastating for some. 

While rental living with a pet is not easy, there are things you can do to make your pal welcome. Just be diligent and understand the property manager's perspective, so you won't have to send your pet packing.

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