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Organizing Tips to Get More Space Out of Your Apartment

Feb 11, 2014 12:00:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Woman_behind_storage_containersWhen searching for an apartment in Chico or Redding, we all have the same problem - we want more space. Most likely, you aren’t going to get it until you move into a house. But you can use these clever ideas to maximize the space that you do have in your apartment.


It's easy to find yourself collecting kitchen gadgets that you may or may not need let alone use. But have no fear! You can use these tips to take full advantage of your kitchen even when cabinet and counter spaces are low.

For tips on creating more space in your kitchen click here.


This room can become a hot mess if you aren’t careful. In the bedroom, there are two major ways that you can utilize your space properly - using the space under your bed and organizing your closet.

It is easier said than done so if you want to learn more about organizing your closet click here.

For tips on using the space under your bed click here.


Because you typically have smaller items in a larger quantity in the bathroom, it's important to properly organize while still being able to use these items on a regular basis.

If you aren’t great at organizing while being functional for your bathroom click here.

Living Room

The living room can be hard to find extra space being that this is the room where most of the entertaining is done. You don’t want to have too many extra pieces that might clutter or make the space look disorganized.

For tips on getting optimum storage space in your living room click here.

If you're trying to find an apartment in Chico or Redding you're on the right track! We have spacious apartments that will suit your living needs. From nice amenities to great locations we have it all...and you can even apply online too!

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