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Last Minute Valentine's Day DIYs for Apartments in Chico California 

Feb 13, 2020 10:06:20 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

happy valentine's day signTomorrow is that wonderful holiday that was made up by that famous greeting card company that thought a card for all the real holidays, birthdays, and special occasions wasn’t enough.

You could be one of the folks who love this time of year and have been planning the perfect romantic getaway since November or found the best gift and are just bursting at the seams to give it to your special someone. You could also be one of the folks who know it’s an important day to celebrate the one that you love, but this year snuck up on you.

If that’s you, have no fear! We have you covered and unless you tell your loved one you didn’t have anything planned before this tomorrow afternoon, they will never know. It can just be our little secret.

Last Minute Evening Plans

You’ve tried calling to see if maybe there is someplace in town that will still accept your reservation before 9:30p.m., but no dice. Every romantic place is booked and you’re panicking. Just take a deep breathe, it’s going to be fine. In fact, we have three great alternatives to that fancy dinner that will make your baby happy to celebrate.

Picnic in the Park 

It may be February but the weather outside definitely says early spring. Plan for an evening out of the apartments in Chico California and pack up a yummy picnic with all your honey’s personal favorites. Anything from fancy cheese and their favorite bottle of wine or their favorite cookie from the cookie aisle. While it may feel like the beginning of spring it can still get chilly when the sun goes down, we suggest packing not only a blanket to sit on but also one to wrap around yourselves!

Home Cooked Meal 

Don’t listen to the people who think that cooking a home cooked meal on Valentine’s Day is a cop-out for people who never made any real plans.  A home cooked meal can be very romantic, especially if you aren’t the one who usually cooks. Show them that they are worth the time it took to find all the ingredients at the store and the stress you went through trying not to burn anything. Don’t forget to break out the nice table cloth and scented candles. Add to the romantic setting by turning the lighting down and opening a bottle of wine (but drink responsibly).

Take-Out and a Movie

This may sound more like a regular Friday night in apartments in Chico California instead of Valentine’s Day, but you can work with it. Is there a new place you were going to try and just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Or maybe they have an old favorite that would just make them smile if they saw you ordered it for the evening. To spice up the night from a regular Friday night swing by the store and pick up some chocolate covered strawberries (or make your own if the store is out!). For the movie portion of the evening, check out this list of 26 romantic movies that include everything from classics like Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing to newer ones such as The Vow and La La Land.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

You might already have dinner planned and just forgot that making a reservation at a fancy restaurant isn’t exactly a gift. Again, no need to fear, we’ve got you covered. Here are three fantastic gift ideas that don’t take any delivery time. 


Does your sweetheart have a guilty pleasure when it comes to ordering things off of Amazon? Maybe gift them the gift of Amazon Prime. It comes with way more than just free shipping, you get unlimited access to video streaming, thousands of song playlists, books, and more. Is your sweetie the main chef in the house? Think about giving them a few days off with a subscription to Hello Fresh!

Spa Day 

Everyone can use a relaxing day at the spa, whether to get their hair and nails done or to get a lovely Swedish massage.

Handwritten Cards 

There is a reason the greeting card company ended up making this made up holiday stick. A good handwritten card exampling all the reasons you love someone and how much you value them is priceless. Go above and beyond and design the card yourself, pull out the markers and give your artistic side a chance to shine.

No matter how you choose to spend the evening, make sure you give your honey a hug and let them know how much you love and appreciate them while living in apartments in Chico California.  

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