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Isn't it Time for You to Check Out Apartments in Chico California?

July 12, 2022 / by Hignell Rentals Team

Couple_with_KeysHave you ever looked at your apartment and thought, “I know I can do better!” Does your manager ignore your service requests, your complex have outdated amenities and other bad characteristics that can be found in apartments in Chico California? Then it might be time to check out other apartments in town. Find out why a Hignell Rentals apartment should be your new home!

Hignell Rentals Complexes Help You Beat The Summer Heat

swimming poolWhen you are looking at different ways to cool off in the Chico summer, there are only a few options. Turn on the A/C which can be expensive or take a dip in your apartment complex’s pool. Wait your complex doesn’t have a pool? Or maybe they have a pool but it isn’t well maintained and you don’t want to put a toe in that pool? If these are situations that you are dealing with, then it might be time to move into an apartment at Hignell Rentals. We have beautiful pools that are clean and ready for you to hop in and get your swim on!

Hignell Rentals Complexes Help You Build Relationships with Neighbors

What does your complex do to help you build relationships with your neighbors? If nothing is the answer, then you probably already know that you can improve the relationships that you have with your neighbors. At Hignell Rentals apartments we value our residents and want them to have the best experience possible when they are living at our complexes. We have caring communities teams at several of our complexes that help organize weekly events to encourage the growth of connections with others. Who doesn’t like a BBQ or a fun game of Bingo?

Hignell Rentals Complexes Give Free Breakfasts

donutsYeah, we said it, free breakfast! Every Wednesday morning the apartments at Hignell Rentals serve a complimentary breakfast for our residents in the clubhouses. That means that you can get donuts, fruit, bagels, juice, coffee and more all while you are socializing with your neighbors. In a hurry to get to a work meeting? No problem, get a muffin for the road. Does your apartment in Chico California serve you free breakfast once a week? If not, it might be time to move into a Hignell Rentals apartment.

Hignell Rentals Complexes Give You Caring Management

Do you feel like your complex manager cares about you? At Hignell Rentals apartments, we have managers that will give you great customer service, friendly conversation, immediate attention to your needs and more. If it has taken a week for your manager to get back to you about that leaky toilet in your bathroom, then it might be time for you to move into an apartment at Hignell Rentals.

Well, now that you have started to analyze your living situation we want you to be rest assured that we have options for you - With apartments in different parts of Chico offering different amenities that will meet your needs. Check out our video tours, blogs, and you can even apply online. Make an apartment at Hignell Rentals your home today.

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