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How to Clean Apartments Without Really Trying

Sep 25, 2018 9:19:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

woman laying on couch with feather dusterEveryone has heard of spring cleaning, but did you know that there's such a thing as fall cleaning? Well it exists, even if it doesn’t have the same ring to it as spring cleaning does.

Everyone knows that spring cleaning means you're spending hours upon hours cleaning up and clearing out everything within your home. People tend to dedicate an entire weekend to it. It’s that time of year that you either love or hate, there really is nowhere in between.

Good news though! Fall cleaning is nothing like spring cleaning, it’s very simple and can take less than one hour to complete. We found many ideas on how to clean your apartments in Chico and Redding California without really cleaning it and are excited to share with you our favorites. Don't forget to turn up the tunes while you clean!

The Bathroom

You're bound to have people asking to use your bathroom while they're over. gives out some very simple but quick and easy tips to get this done in a timely manner.

Wipe down the main fixtures like your toilet, sink, and mirror with your preferred cleaning agent. (But first, put away any hair dryers or shaving cream you have sitting on the ledge.)

GQ cleaning expert Jolie Kerr recommends spraying the toilet and sink with Scrubbing Bubbles. Since the bubbles need a few minutes to work their magic, you can run off and do other tasks while you wait.

When you return to wipe everything off, make sure to Windex your mirror, too, for any streaks or spots. And straighten out your hand towels while you’re at it.

They even inform you to just keep your shower curtain closed and leave the tub cleaning for another day.

The Bedroom

Although you may not have people sleeping in your room while they're over, it's still important that it appears clean when people are passing by to go to the bathroom or just looking around. gives you the magical formula to have your room appearing clean without doing much work. 

Gather all your dirty clothes and place in a hamper. Worry about sorting later when you do the laundry. If you have clean clothes that aren’t put away, go ahead and rehang or refold the items and put the items away. Place all trash, including old magazines, papers, etc. in a trashcan…Next, make the bed. The room will just look cleaner with this simple step. Straighten surfaces, including your nightstand, desk and shelves. You don’t have time to sort through everything, but if you have items that don’t seem to belong, place them in a bin to go through later. Similar to the living room, run a vacuum through the space.

The Kitchen

Kitchens have a way of attracting weird and unusual smells, therefore it’s best to try and get rid of them as best as possible. It just so happens that has the best solution to that odd smell that's coming from your sink.

Once all of the dirty dishes in the apartment are in the kitchen, make sure that they are cleaned or at least stacked in the dishwasher and out of sight…It's also a good idea to toss a lemon peel in the garbage disposal and run it, according to Lifehacker. This can eliminate any less-than-fragrant aromas that might have made their way to your sink.

Next up, grab some disinfectant wipes or paper towels and an all-purpose spray and wipe down the counters and your kitchen table. This is especially critical if you're cleaning up before a get-together, as guests typically like to hang out in the kitchen with the host. The kitchen table is also known for picking up a lot of clutter, so make sure that everything is put in its proper place.

The Living Room

Last but not least clean the place that everyone will be hanging out in! has a nice system that has you moving and cleaning in no time.

Clear the clutter. Quickly scan the room to see what's out of place. Stash scattered items like remotes and DVDS in drawers; neatly stack magazines on the coffee table.

Dust. Start in one corner of the room and work your way around the room clockwise. Dust each surface, working back-to-front and lifting knickknacks as you go, and dump the dust right onto the floor. Your cloth should only touch each part of the surface once (no constant back-and-forth).And if you have blinds, swipe them with the long-armed duster. 

Vacuum. Speed-vacuum yourself out of the room, starting in the farthest corner.

There you have it! The four main rooms people will be walking in or past have now been cleaned and you probably didn’t even break a sweat! Okay, maybe you did but only because you were moving so fast through each room.

Looking to do more of a deep clean your apartment instead of a quick once over? Download our Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist and be reminded of all those places that you forget to clean when you complete just a light cleaning! 

Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist

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