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How Do I Even Rent Apartments in Chico California?

September 20, 2022 / by Hignell Rentals Team

Apartments for rent signIf you're new to renting, it can seem like a daunting process. The paperwork, the money, the waitlists­…so many things that you have to keep track of all while trying to find where you're going to live next. Here are a few of the common things you'll need to know to be considered to live in the apartments in Chico that you apply for. 

Know What You Can Afford

The experts say that you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your monthly income (after tax) on rent. So before you get your hopes up looking at your dream apartments in town, you need to figure out your budget and know what you can afford on rent. If money is tight, or if you're looking to spend less on rent, consider getting a roommate.

Know What You Want

After you know what you can afford, it's time to create a list of your must-haves and your wants. Just start with the basics, like covered parking, location etc. Then add-in things like having a pool, fitness center, and bike hook-ups. 

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Search the Internet

Searching "houses for rent" and looking at all the different websites can be exhausting with all the search results you get back, but hopefully they're giving you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision. You should be able to see pictures, amenities and more. Each listing at Hignell Rentals has pictures, amenities, pricing, etc., it really comes in handy when you've been looking for a few hours! 

Take Tours

Ideally you should take a tour of every complex that you are interested in. Getting that one-on-one time with a manager of the rental is great for getting your questions answered. Some sites even offer virtual tours.

Not only will you see the unit that you're potentially applying for, but also see the different amenities offered, and the rest of the grounds. Don’t be afraid to pull out your phone or camera to take pictures. Pictures will come in handy when it's time to make your final decision.

Filling Out the Application

When you're ready to fill out applications for houses to rent in Chico California, it's important to know what is normally asked of you.

  • Proof of Income (This can include providing paystubs from your job, or information from your bank account)
  • Proof of monthly income of two or three times the rent
  • Credit Check (Make sure you know your social security number)
  • Prepare to write a check for: application fee, credit check fee, and holding fee to hold a specific unit
  • Rental and character references

All of these things can vary from place to place. It can also vary at different times of the year. You might find that a house for rent is having a move-in special that includes waving the application and credit check fees. So when you call to make an appointment for your tour, make sure you ask what fees they are currently requiring for an applicant.

You Got Approved, Now What?

If you get approved you'll need to talk to your manager about setting a move-in date. On that day you'll need to provide first month’s rent and the required deposit. Then you'll sign the lease and get your keys - congratulations!

If for some reason you didn't get approved, or want to triple your chances on getting approved on the next rental you apply for download our 6 Tips to Get Your Rental Application Approved! It's always good to be prepared for all the questions or issues that could come up. 

6 Tips to Get Your Rental Application Approved 

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