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Holiday Gifts for Small Spaces

Dec 18, 2020 10:51:05 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

holiday giftsProcrastinating until the bitter end to finish your holiday shopping? You’re not the only one, so don’t feel alone.

Most people procrastinate this long because they have no idea what to get someone for the holiday. Yet, with time running out for being able to find it in stock online and ship in time for Christmas, we want to help with a few gift ideas for small spaces!

Here are a few good ideas that will help to spark some great ideas for last minute holiday gifts for your friends and family members who live in a small space!

Once you find something you like make sure you pay for the fastest shipping available or grab your mask and head into a store the old-school way!

Kitchen Ideas for Small Places

When it comes to living in a small space, the key is to have pieces that have two purposes, thus maximizing on space. It helps to start out by deciding whether you are looking to help them save counter space, drawer space, or cabinet space.

Saving Counter Space

With small kitchens, counter space is often just large enough to work on but not large enough to store any of the normal appliances.

  • Instant Pot or Air Fryer
    • While they will take up a little more space, the amount of food along with the different types of food you can produce with them is seemingly endless. It also means they won't need other appliances all over the counter!
  • Two in one Toaster and Toaster Oven
    • For those that love their toaster oven but also have a toaster, gift them this and save them the space!
  • Three Tier Cooling Rack
    • Do they do a lot of baking? Unless you want them to continue using their kitchen table and living room tables as extra space to place their cooling racks on, gift them this three tier cooling rack that will allow them to cool all the baked goods in a contained space!
  • Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip
    • This is a magnetic strip they can attach to their wall! They can then add all their different knifes to it allowing them to get rid of the knife block that is just sitting on their counter! 

Saving Drawer/Cabinet Space

Just like limited counter spaces, your friends and family living in small spaces will also have limited drawers and cabinets at their disposable.

  • Collapsible Items
    • Any kitchen gadget that can be flattened is a dream come true! They’ve now made twist whisks that make them easy to store, cheese graters that flatten, and strainers that collapse!
  • Magnetic Spice Holders
    • Save your cabinet and drawer space for something other than all your spices! Grab the circle magnetic spice holders and pop them on your fridge or grab another magnetic strip for your wall.

Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Small living rooms can make getting all the necessary furniture to fit a bit tricky. Here are a few gift ideas that will work in any living room!

  • Mini Projector
    • Depending on the size of their living space, they may not have a TV. Grab them a mini projector they can hook up to their smartphone and start streaming their favorite shows and movies to watch on a bigger surface than just their phone or tablet.
  • Sofa Side Table
    • Limited on space and don't have a side table next to their sofa or chair? Check out this little side tray that fits on the arm of the sofa or chair easily!
  • Bookniture
    • This won’t show up before Christmas, but you can keep it in mind for their birthday or next year's Christmas gift! Disguised as book you can place on the shelf, once opened it has endless potential as a stool, footrest, nightstand, standing work desk and more! Easily portable so you can sit anywhere in style and comfort.

For more ideas on what to get your friends or family members who live in a small space, click here! 

Maybe they are looking to upgrade their living situation so they can have more space in the upcoming year! Let them know about our available rentals that will let them have the room they need to have more counter space and room for that side table. 

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