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Have a Stale or Nasty Smell in Your Chico Rental Properties?

July 26, 2022 / by Hignell Rentals Team

woman holding her noseIt's common for us to become “nose-blind” to the smells in our own home. Chico rental properties are no exception. With hot summer weather (or for that matter even in the cold months), we are less inclined to open up our windows to let fresh air in. So what is a renter to do?

You first need to figure out what is stinking up the place. Odors can come from your carpet, sofa, washer, toilet, sink, and so much more! It's hard to know how to clean different items in your apartment and how frequently you should clean them. Here are a few general tips to get you on the right track.

Tackle Furniture Smells

For furniture that is made out of fabric, there are two parts to cleaning. Start by vacuuming the furniture. Sound weird? Think about how many hours you spend on that couch, loveseat or chair. That’s a lot of lounge time that helps accumulate hair, food, sweat, and other odors from your clothes.

Once you have vacuumed the fabric, it's time to use a fabric deodorizer. A brand like Febreze is great because it gives you different scent options including perfume free formulas.  Another option uses baking soda and you can find it here. You should clean your fabric furniture every other week.

Have a wooden end table or other wood furniture pieces that have an odd odor to it? First wipe the inside and outside down with Murphy’s Oil Wood Soap or a similar product. If this doesn’t deodorize the wood, it's time for you to put specific things inside the piece of furniture to help absorb the smell. You can do this by using unused cat litter, baking soda or vinegar. Choose one from the list, put some in bowls, and place them inside your stinky furniture made from wood. If all else fails, you can always use a drawer from the furniture as storage for extra candles. Do this whenever necessary.

Tackle Carpet Smells

Start by vacuuming the carpet. Make sure that you vacuum all of the carpet in your rental. Then take a carpet deodorizer to the carpet. You can purchase a spray that doesn't require vacuuming after it's applied. Or you can choose a deodorizer that looks like small crystals or chunky powder that you apply to the carpet, this requires vacuuming after the product has been applied. Since carpets in Chico rental properties can get dirty really easily, we recommend cleaning your carpet every other week.

Tackle Trash Can Smells

Start by taking out the bag of trash. Then take the trash can to your bath tub. This is a great place for you to take soapy water and a scrub brush to your can without making a huge mess. Make sure that you look inside your can after it’s clean to ensure that you didn’t miss any food or liquids that could have settled to the bottom of your can that would require more attention. Soap and water didn’t do the trick? Go ahead and sprinkle some baking soda inside the trash can and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then rinse the baking soda out. Let the can dry completely before you put in a new trash bag.

Tackle Appliance Smells

Appliance smells can be the worst. What’s the point of washing your clothes if your washer smells like mildew? Or heat up your leftovers in the microwave when there is a stench of older food? It's important for you to clean those appliances right when you find that there is a smell. One of the best ways that you can clean your appliances is with vinegar and water. Use a rag or scrub brush to wipe down the appliances that need a little extra love. Then spray it down with the vinegar and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Finish the cleaning by wiping it all down with a damp rag. Do this whenever necessary.

Don't Forget the Garbage Disposal 

One area that can be easy to forget about is the garbage disposal. After using the disposal over and over, you will have potential smells building up until it is cleaned.  You can go to the store and buy garbage disposal cleaners and fresheners. Alternatively, you can save money and use a more natural method of vinegar and baking soda to clean your disposal. 

Chico rental properties can be easy to clean if you pay attention to the upkeep and don't ignore the odor when you first smell it. Making plans to do a deep clean every few months can save you a world of hurt later on when you find a nasty smell or if you decide to move. Download our Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist below to make sure you are getting all the right places when you break out your cleaning supplies!
Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist

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