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Fall Decorating with Hignell Rentals [Part 2]

Aug 9, 2016 9:21:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Ordinary_PumpkinsWhen it comes to decorating your apartment for the fall, there are just too many tips and tricks that need to be mentioned. That’s why we created not just one but three different blogs dedicated to helping you dress up your home like the fall colors that will soon be showing up outside your window.

If you didn’t get to read our first one on the right kinds of color palettes, no worries! Just click here (but make sure to come back to this one)! In part two of this series we are giving you some fun ideas for making the ordinary pumpkin not so ordinary. So make sure you put those cute little pumpkins on your fall shopping list, because they are the best kinds of accents to represent fall.

(Not Your Ordinary) Pumpkins

When you think of pumpkins, you probably think of carving them at the end of October to make faces out of them for Halloween or using them to make that delicious pumpkin pie everyone loves at Thanksgiving. Well guess what? Pumpkins don’t have to be scary decorations or food on your table, they don’t even have to be orange! Spice up your apartment by painting your pumpkins! Here are some ideas, and what you can pair them with:

The Mirror Effect


Oh…my…goodness… LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES. A gorgeous silver with a mirror-esque effect. If your primary colors are neutral (think white, cream, tan, beige, light brown), these will suit your room well. Complimentary colors are deep red, amber, yellow, deep orange, anything neutral, royal purple…okay, perhaps it’s easier to cover colors that won’t work well with these mirrored pumpkins in an autumn theme: best to stay away from blue, darker greens, pink, and anything neon.

To get step-by step instructions, and for a color to base your choice off of, go here.

**Note: the pumpkins shown in the photo are glass pumpkins. You can find them at a dollar store! If you use regular pumpkins, the results aren’t guaranteed. For the best outcome on regular pumpkins, always paint them white first.

Bronze Warmth

Bronze_Pumpkin.jpg(Image courtesy of Sugar & Charm

Bronze lends a touch of warmth to any room. What’s amazing about this versatile color is that it doesn’t have to be an accent color; it's a contrast/complement color. Due to the neutral nature of bronze, it can contrast against the background of your room or provide contrast to your accents.

The most beautiful thing about bronze is it can go with almost any color: silver, gold, glitter, sage green, lavender, you name it. The only colors you should avoid pairing bronze with are fire hydrant reds, dark forest greens (unless you are using a deep bronze), and deep or bright blues. The best palette for bronze involves whites, creams, and brown.

Going for the Gold

Gold_Pumpkin.jpg(Image courtesy of A Pumpkin and A Princess

Looking for a little glamour in your home? Gold absolutely POPS when used as an accent against a neutral backdrop. It’s a gorgeous addition that’s extremely easy to complement. In fact, the only colors gold should not be paired with are fire hydrant red, green, or yellow. You may be able to pair gold with a sage green, though do so sparingly. Warm neutrals pair best with these pumpkins.

See? We told you there were other uses for pumpkins! These are just a few of the many things you can do with your pumpkins to spice up your apartment for this upcoming fall season. Not only will you be making your home feel like a warm cozy outlet from the cold weather that will eventually come, (believe us, it will get cold!) but it will also make your place feel brand new.

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