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Energy Saving Tips to Try in Chico Rental Properties

March 31, 2022 / by Hignell Rentals Team

latteWe all want to save a few bucks and there are some easy things you can do while in Chico rental properties to help lower your energy bill. Even just a few dollars here and there could be the difference between treating yourself to that latte with an extra shot and having to brew your own beans at home every single day.

There are two big areas that can suck energy in your home, heating and cooling system and lighting. There are also some small, easy things you can do that you might not have thought of.

Heating and Cooling System

  • Making sure your filters are changed on schedule. Check your lease to see if this is your responsibility or the landlord’s.
  • Setting your thermostat to a comfortable but energy saving temperature - 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer. This can actually help you save quite a bit on your heating and air conditioning bills.
  • Using your ceiling fan to circulate the air. In cooler weather, set the fan to blow toward the ceiling. This will push the warm air away from ceiling and distribute the heat throughout the room. In warmer weather reverse the setting and the breeze can make it feel a few degrees cooler in your home.
  • Open your blinds (or close them). In cooler temperatures, opening your blinds to let the sun shine in can help warm the place up without using your furnace. In warmer temps the opposite is true - keeping the sun out can keep you cooler. 

When Lighting Your Home

  • Using Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs. These last longer and can use up to 75 percent less energy than standard bulbs.
  • Turning off lights during the day and opening curtains instead to let in natural light.
  • Getting in the habit of switching off the light when leaving a room, even if you’ll be going back in two minutes.
  • If you have outdoor lighting turn it off when you go to bed at night.

Other Ways to Save Energy in Chico Rental Properties:

  • Cook with small appliances like a toaster oven or slow cooker instead of the stove. They use less energy.
  • Run cold or lukewarm water when using the garbage disposal or dishwasher. Hot water requires energy to warm the water heater.
  • If you’re responsible for the large appliances where you live, consider investing in an Energy Star model when purchasing a refrigerator, washer or dryer. Look for the Energy Star label.
  • Run full loads in the dishwasher and use short cycles. Full loads use the same amount of energy as small loads, and short cycles use less hot water, so you’ll be running fewer loads and using less energy.
  • Wash and dry full loads of laundry for the same reason.
  • Clean the lint filter after each load to keep the dryer running efficiently.

Responsibility of Your Landlord

There are some things that your landlord is responsible for, read your lease to be sure of what they are. For example, knowing whether or not you are responsible for large appliances like the refrigerator, washer or dryer, or if that is provided by the landlord.  In general it’s a good idea to be aware of the things the landlord can do to make sure their Chico rental properties are as energy efficient as possible. That way if you are doing everything you can to lower your energy bill, but still find you are paying more than necessary each month, you can make a request to the landlord to do things like:

  • Caulking and weather stripping windows and doors so air does not leak in or out
  • Making sure the attic and walls are properly insulated
  • Fixing any dripping faucets
  • Installing blinds and sunshades
  • Regularly servicing the HVAC system
  • Providing energy efficient appliances


Following the above energy saving tips while living in Chico rental properties will help cut down on your energy bill each month, giving you the opportunity to have a little extra to reenergize yourself in the morning with your favorite gourmet coffee. It’s the little things that make life a little more enjoyable! 

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