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Christmas Decor Packing Tips For Rentals in Chico California

Dec 30, 2021 10:38:30 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Christmas_decorations_in_boxNow that Christmas has come and gone, you might be dreading the fact that you need to pack up your Christmas decorations. Especially when space in limited in your rental you might be questioning whether or not you have the space to fit those extra decorations that you couldn’t resist buying this year. But have no fear! We found a few tips that will help you make the job easier.

The folks over at Apartment Therapy list 10 tips on organizing and packing your Christmas decorations. 

Thankfully these space conscious tips are also cost effective so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get those beautiful decorations stored and ready for you to pull them out next year.

So Clever! 10 Smart Tips for Storing & Organizing Christmas Decorations

Posted by: Apartment Therapy

Here are some easy ways to detangle, declutter, condense, and protect all your holiday decor.

  1. Old Belts: Blogger Grunge Zombie recommends cinching up your tree with thrift store belts to make it a more manageable, storable size. 
  2. Egg Cartons and Apple Containers: Anna Moseley of Ask Anna uses egg cartons to keep her ornaments safe before they go into larger storage containers. For larger ornaments, she suggests using apple containers.
  3. Coffee Cans: Good Housekeeping recommends using coffee cans and other old containers to keep your Christmas lights untangled.

Click here to read the remaining 7 tips for storing and organizing Christmas decorations. 

When you read the blog, make sure you check out the comment section down at the bottom of the page. There are other apartment dwellers who give their advice and tips on this topic that aren’t included in the tip list that might be helpful to you.

Now that you have a few tips up your sleeve we're sure that you'll have an easier time storing and organizing your Christmas decorations.

With all the Christmas decorations put away, it's time to place all your regular decor back out for the new year. Make sure you leave a few warm and cozy things out as it's still winter outside! For other ways to stay cozy check out this blog!

For other rental living tips make sure to check out out our free resource page! 

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