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Best Places to Take Your Dog in Chico

Jul 3, 2019 10:43:12 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Backup the office dog in Upper ParkChico is an amazing place to live and it’s not just because we have yummy places to eat or small-town events that are good for the whole family. There are also numerous businesses that will welcome your dog and they will do it with a smile on their faces.

Next time you decide to head out check to see if you're going to any of the places below. If you find yourself going there think about taking your dog with you instead of leaving them at home!

Dog Friendly Restaurants 

One of the great things about Chico is that lots of our restaurants allow you to have your dog with you when you choose to eat outside either on their front or back patio. Next time you want to grab a bite to eat with friends consider bringing your dog along.

Here's a list of just some of the places that will allow you to bring your dog, and if you ask nicely they might even give you a doggy-sized bowl of water!

Downtown/Near Downtown

  • B-Street Public House
  • Tres Hombres
  • Madison Bear Garden
  • Mom’s
  • Parkside Grill
  • Crepeville
  • Burgers & Brews
  • Tin Roof
  • Grana
  • Tea Bar & Fusion Café
  • Chipotle

The majority of downtown restaurants with patios will allow you to sit with your dog as long as they are on a leash. When in doubt its best to double check with the staff.

Other Places

  • New Earth
  • Beatniks
  • The Handle Bar
  • Hudson's Gastropub
  • Wine Time

Dog Groomers

It can take several hours trying to get your dog to sit still in order for you to try and groom them yourself. You’ll save yourself the time and effort of feeling like you only did an all-right job when you book a professional groomer. In around 60 to 90 minutes your dog will look good as new. Groomers will wash, brush, and trim Fido’s sharp nails along with anything else you need them to do.

Here’s some of Chico’s amazing groomers that are just waiting for you to call and make an appointment today!

Not only can you get your dog groomed at the above places, but they also sell pet supplies if you find yourself in need of things like dog food, treats, toys, etc. The best part is that you can bring your dog in with you and have them help you pick out their favorite toy or their next flavor of treats.  

Dog Parks

Parks are the best places to exercise your dogs, especially when you want to get a little bit of exercise yourself. Take a hike in Upper Bidwell Park or take a walk in Lower Bidwell Park near One Mile. You can also visit one of these parks:

  • DeGarmo (they have a specific dog park where you can let them off leash)
  • 20thStreet Park
  • Wildwood Park

Keep your dog hydrated by bringing a bowl and bottle of water with you. Some of the parks have fountains made for dogs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to an overheated dog.

Drive-Thrus That Love Your Dog

Nothing is better than discovering that the drive-thru coffee place you frequent will also give your best pal a special treat. All you have to do is let them know you're carrying an extra passenger and they'll be more than happy to give you a treat for free.

Here are some of the places that will spoil your pooch:

  • Java Detour
  • Cal Java
  • Coffee Ranch
  • Code3Coffee
  • Sin of Cortez

Starbucks and Dutch Brothers will go the extra mile and fill a tiny cup with whip cream that will have your dog going crazy - also known as a "Puppuccino!"

Shopping with Fido

It's well-known that if you intend to run errands you should leave your dog at home, saving them from the oven that's your car. BUT if you headed to any of these places then go right ahead and load them into your car as they are more than welcome to accompany you in - as long as they're on-leash.

  • Lowe's
  • The Home Depot
  • Best Buy
  • Tri Counties Bank
  • Collier Hardware
  • Magna Carta
  • Made in Chico
  • Tomfoolery
  • Melody Records

Having a dog can bring an extra sense of joy into your life, especially when you take them around town with you! If at any time you're headed to a new place and you aren’t positive that they’ll allow your pup on the premises, call first and check. It’s super sad to show up thinking your pup can join only to find out they aren’t allowed.

For more information about apartment living with pets, download our Pet Tool Kit!

Pet Tool Kit

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