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Avoid these 5 Major Mistakes for Moving in Chico or Redding

Jan 16, 2020 10:55:05 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

Overpacking your car while moving to a chico apartmentImagine you are driving down the freeway and you see a small car zooming up beside you. You are quick to notice that the car is packed full of boxes and houseplants blocking the windows and on top is a mattress precariously flapping in the wind. Don’t be this guy.

While preparing for your upcoming move to Chico or move to Redding consult the tips below to avoid common mistakes.

1. Planning Your Move Last Minute

First, avoid committing the cardinal sin of moving: don’t begin planning and packing for your move the day before you have to be out of your home.

Start planning for your move about 6-8 weeks in advance. Being well prepared means researching moving companies you may use, reserving all moving equipment, and organizing and gathering packing materials ahead of time. This will allow you to execute your move as seamlessly as possible and minimize the probability for disasters.

Especially if you are moving in Chico or Redding during the summer, you will want to plan far ahead to make sure you can reserve the resources you need during high demand, and survive the heat.

2. Forgetting to Label Your Boxes

Don’t be a rookie! Pick an organizational style and label your boxes during your move. A common practice for this is to label each box by room type, i.e bathroom, kitchen, living room. Be sure to also note your boxes for breakables, heavy weight items, and “this side up.”

Labeling your boxes will help you group like items, make unpacking from your move easier, and limit the likelihood of braking or damaging your stuff. Use a Sharpie or other easily readable pen that shows up on cardboard and plastic.

3. Packing Your Boxes Too Heavy

If you are the type to rush through packing by throwing all sorts of items into the same box no matter the weight or type, you are doing it all wrong. Overpacking your boxes with too many books or other heavy items can make picking them up, transporting them, and keeping them taped together a big problem.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to box weight, is that just because all of the items fit inside the box, doesn’t mean the box, or you for that matter, can hold the weight.

The best way to approach stuff of different sizes and weights is to first group by type or theme, and then mix heavy and light items to balance box weight. Be sure to place heavy items on the bottom and lighter things on the top to avoid damage.

4. Wasting Money on Materials

Repurpsoe Kitchen Linens: If you are like most people and like to save money, there are many ways to avoid overspending on packing materials during your move. For example, instead of buying packing paper to wrap up your fragile items,try using your kitchen linens. Wrap your cups, bowls, plates etc with your hand towels -- this will actually protect and brace your items better than paper, and also incorporate a space to pack your linens.

Don't Overspend on Boxes: Carefully survey the items you need to move and make a list for quantity and size before you head to the store to buy boxes. If you head straight over to Home Depot and buy 30 boxes without checking out your stuff first, you may end up with a bunch of unused boxes and less money in your pocket. You could also consider asking around to friends, employers, or local companies for unused boxes. Save the boxes you get from places like Costco or from previously purchased household items to use for your move. 

It is always better to reuse and recycle!

5. Moving Items in an Unsafe Manner

Whether you are moving your stuff yourself, with the help of friends, or in a U-Haul, be sure to properly tie down and secure items. This means transporting items with the right vehicle, in the right way, for proper road safety so as not to endanger you, other drivers, or your stuff. The second trip is always worth it if you might be risking a traffic collision, or safety of any kind. In other words, don't drive down Highway 99 with a mattress hanging so low over your windshield that you can't see. 

If you have electronics like computers or TVs, you will want to take the extra time to make sure they are braced for the trip. For helpful tips on how to pack valuable electronics in your move to a Chico apartment, Moving.Com offers advice on a variety of issues such as climate controlled environments for screens, and how to keep track of your cords.

Depending on what you need to transport, don’t be afraid to ask your friends, neighbors, and family to help you move. If you have large breakable items, and don’t want to drive across town unsure if your items will survive the move, you may consider renting a U-Haul ahead of time. If not, try asking friends with trucks or even cars to help you move your stuff so that you can save money. 

Have a Disaster Free Move!

Be sure to keep this list handy while moving in Chico or Redding to optimize your chances of a disaster free experience. Avoid packing your boxes so heavy the bottom bust open, melting your TV screens in the heat, and being the guy on the freeway with a mattress that is about to fly off. Plan ahead of time, pack early, pack carefully, save money, and move your stuff the right way.

If you feel like you are still a helpless mess when it comes to moving, check out to reference our invaluable blog, full of fun and helpful moving tips and resources. 

For awesome tips to kickstart your move, click on the guide below!

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