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Apartment Living Tips: 13 Ideas For White Walls [Sans Paint]

Aug 21, 2018 12:00:00 AM / by Living in Chico Team

Modern living roomSo you live in an apartment and you have white walls. You might be among the group of people who see having white walls as boring, especially if your apartment manager doesn’t condone painting the walls. It may seem as though you don’t have any options to add color to your home but that is far from the case. Here are 13 ideas for you to brighten up your Chico or Redding apartment.

1.  Furniture

Finding pieces of furniture that have a pop of color or a really fun pattern will give your room the added color you're looking for because it will stand out against the white. You can also purchase a fun looking side or coffee table that helps draw the eye away from your walls.

If you already have a couch or chair that you love think about revamping it! A great way to revamp your couch with a pattern or a bold color is by using a slipcover

2.  Rugs

Who thought it was a good idea to not only have white walls but also beige carpet? Attack the white on white by throwing a sweetly patterned rug on top of your carpet. It'll change the focal point from your white walls to your awesomely patterned rug. 

3.  Hang Curtains

Curtains can be used in a multitude of different ways, whether you're hanging them to actually block out light or using them as a decorative accent. Adding window treatments is a great way to have whatever color or pattern you'd like near your walls [because everything goes with white]. 

4.  Hang Art, Pictures, Mirrors etc.

If your white walls don’t have anything on them, then it's time to get to hanging! Creating a photo gallery can give all those wandering eyes something interesting to look at. 

5.  Switch shower heads and faucets

Updating anything that is dull or out of date will give your apartment a face lift. It'll give you the feeling of a whole new space without doing much. 

6.  Change Lighting

If you have an unsightly shade on your lamp that clashes with your style, then you can always buy or make a new one and switch it out. Also adding floor lamps can showcase color in a certain area of a room.  

7.  Update Wall Plates

Those plates around light switches can be switched out from the boring old white to something more exciting like nickel or whatever would match your current décor.

8.  Temporary Backsplash

Sick of white in your kitchen? Purchasing a temporary backsplash will not only give your kitchen a brand new look but will also allow you to add that splash of color you were wanting. 

9. Temporary Counter Top

Did you know there was such a thing as a temporary counter top? It's basically just a giant sticker that gives you the illusion of having a nice stone surface. 

10. Accessories

Home accents are really in these days whether you're into fun fake plants, pillows with fun sayings, comfy throw blankets, coasters that bring an extra something to your tables, or a funky table lamp. Any or all can give your apartment not only that extra piece of color you're looking for but can also a more "home" like feeling.

11. Fresh flowers

Not the kind of person to have fake plants in your home? Go to a thrift store to find a fun vase, then head to your local farmer's market to buy fresh flowers. This will not only add some well needed color in the room you place them in but will help liven up the space.  

12. Temporary Wallpaper

If you simply can’t stomach being surrounded by white walls then consider using temporary wall paper. This way you can have a splash of color on your walls without having to commit.

13.  Wall Tapestry

How about a wall tapestry? These can easily be hung on any wall, are great for large walls, you avoid anything permanent except a couple of small nail holes, and they are very unique!

It's important to check with your apartment manager before you remove any hardware or stick things to walls or counter tops. Take some time to figure out what you would like your apartment to look like. The possibilities are endless when you think of your white walls as a blank canvas to design something wonderful. Embrace your white walls today!

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