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7 Ways to Update Chico Rental Properties Without Needing Permission

Sep 9, 2021 3:38:00 PM / by Hignell Rentals Team

women sitting on couchDo you ever feel like you need a change? Not necessarily a major change like having a baby or changing jobs, but maybe a routine change or a change of atmosphere. Your home is where you spend a lot of time and energy, and after a while you might just need to change things up around you. However, if you live in Chico rental properties you might think this is easier said than done because changing anything requires the property manager's permission. BUT, this isn’t always the case. Of course you should always check your rental agreement first, but there are updates you can make that are easy and don’t require a major project, but will leave your space feeling refreshed and renewed.


1.  Change Light Fixtures 

Most Chico rental properties probably have neutral, generic light fixtures. You can easily change these out to give your home its own look and feel. Changing out light fixtures in your entry, hallway, kitchen or bathroom can be done inexpensively. You might even want to consider trying different light bulbs to adjust the brightness or even adding a new lamp or two as well. Just remember to keep the old light fixtures so you can put them back and take the ones you purchased with you whenever you decide to move. 

2.  Temporary Flooring

A patterned area rug, hallway runner, or accent rugs can be placed in your Chico rental properties to add some color or cover up a stained, worn part of your carpet. For the surfaces that are harder to “re-model” – like linoleum or vinyl – you could also try laying a cork floor. This is relatively inexpensive and the cork can be used for future projects. 

3.  Rearrange Furniture and Wall Hangings

You don’t have to get all feng shui about it, but if your space allows you to try more than one configuration, simply changing the way you have your furniture arranged can make your Chico rental properties feel like a completely different place. Try rearranging the way you have pictures and wall art hanging too.

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4.  Add Curtains or Window Treatments

Your Chico rental properties probably have the boring white mini blinds hanging in the window. Try adding curtains, roman shades, or a valance to give the room depth and a fresh personality.

5.  Purchase a Few Accessories

There’s a fine line between accessorizing and adding clutter, but think of the things that might make you smile and will also give your house warmth. Maybe it’s some new pillows for the couch, candles in your favorite scent, or a few house plants. Don’t have a green thumb? Even artificial plants can change the feel of a room.

6.  Update Hardware

The only tool you’ll probably need to update the hardware in your Chico rental properties is a screwdriver. Sometimes small details can make a big difference, like changing out electrical switch plates or cabinet knobs and handles. Just remember to keep the original items so you can replace them before you move out someday.

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7.  Removable Wallpaper

Most property managers probably won’t okay paint or wallpaper in Chico rental properties, but now a product exists called removable wallpaper that works like a wall decal. It doesn’t require any kind of paste or glue so it can be easily removed without leaving a mess or residue.

There are some easy ways you can change the look and feel inside Chico rental properties to make your home feel refreshed and renewed without going against the rules and making your property manager angry. If you’re ever in doubt, make sure you check with your property manager, but you should be good to go with temporary updates like the tips mentioned above. Go for it – change is good!

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