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6 Tips to Prepare Your Hignell Rentals Property for Holiday Travels

Dec 5, 2019 10:24:40 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

leaving homeNow that the holidays are among us, it's time to talk about apartment safety. But why apartment safety? Well while you are on the road traveling, you shouldn’t have to worry about your apartment and the state that you might find it when you come home. Here are a few tips to prepare your Hignell Rentals apartment while you are away for the holidays.

1. Social Media

Don’t share that you are leaving out of town on social media. It might be difficult not to share your excitement with your friends and family. It isn’t good to share that your apartment will be unoccupied for a certain period of time.

2. Mail Delivery

Stop mail delivery if you will be gone for more than 5 days. This will prevent mail from piling up and you don’t want to upset your mail person.

3. Automatic Lights

Buy a light timer. Hook one of these bad boys to a lamp in your living room so that at night, you can schedule it to turn on to give the illusion that somebody is home and just turned the light on. Keeping your light on constantly will not only increase your energy bill, but can look suspicious especially if you usually have it turned on during the day time.

4. Renter's Insurance

Buy renter’s insurance. If you don’t already have renter’s insurance, then we recommend that you purchase it ASAP. This will protect you from theft, damage to property and more. Already have renter’s insurance? Then call and make sure that your coverage is up to date for your Hignell Rentals property.

5. Unplugging Appliances

Unplug appliances that will potentially increase your energy bill. These appliances include your TV, toaster, computer, DVD player, etc. Do not unplug your refrigerator. You will come home to a watery mess from the refrigerator defrosting and the smell of spoiled food.

6. Spare Keys

If you have a spare key in a hiding place (rock, under the rug etc.) then remove that while you are gone. People who are desperate to break into your apartment will search every place possible for a key to get into your apartment, so please make it hard for them by taking the key with you.

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