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6 Things You Should NOT Be Doing in Chico Rental Properties

Jul 30, 2020 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

animated man repairing sinkOne of the best things about Chico rental properties is the ability to fill out a maintenance request and have someone come out in a timely matter to look at your issue. What's even better is Hignell Rentals offers general maintenance as part of your monthly rent, that means not having to pay extra!

Our maintenance crew is there to help you with any problem you come across within your apartment. While they can fix just about everything, it’s important to keep in mind that there are just some things you should not be doing in your Chico rental property. Here’s a handy-dandy list of six things you should avoid doing:

1. Put Certain Foods in the Garbage Disposal

Although it's clearly named “garbage” disposal, it's not to be used as a place to dump unwanted food. When cleaning out your fridge throw all expired and unwanted food directly into your trash can and then proceed to take it out to the dumpster.

Things that should not go into the garbage disposal: celery, egg shells, potato peels, rice, carrot peels, pasta, and corn husks. All of those should go directly into the trash.

2. Overfill Washing Machines

While you may think that you can make all your dirty clothes fit into one load, please don’t. Overfilling the washing machine may save you a few bucks in the short term, but it backs up the machine and then it requires more money to fix it than the amount you saved. We’d appreciate it if you kindly split your loads into smaller increments.

3. Use Spray Cleaners on Self-Cleaning Ovens

Check to see if you're one of the lucky residents to receive a self-cleaning oven! If you are, please do not use any kind of oven spray cleaner. We promise your oven will clean itself and it will save you from having to experience the extra fumes.

4. Pull on Ceiling Fan Blades

We want you to have the ability to circulate the air inside your apartment. In order for your fans to work properly please do not pull down on the fan’s blades. They will break before they will bend.

5. Put Foil on Burners

When it comes to using your stove’s top burners, if something isn’t working right go ahead and place a maintenance request. Do not put foil under your burner to try and fix the issue. It will cause the heating elements to get too hot, and if left on could start a fire.

6. Run an Empty Microwave

Although we aren’t entirely sure why you would do it, please do not run your microwave with nothing in it. In short, this is very bad for your microwave and can do anything from break a fuse to completely burst into flames. Neither option is good, so if you use the microwave make sure there's something in it.

There you have it, six things you should not being doing in your apartment if you want to prevent the maintenance crew from asking you to kindly stop. Curious what things you should be doing? Read 7 Things You SHOULD Be Doing in Chico Rental Properties. When the day comes to move out, you'll thank yourself for doing these 7 things.

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