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5 Lies People Believe About Apartment Living

Sep 22, 2015 12:00:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

PinocchioSometimes apartment living is seen as a less than ideal situation, but usually it’s because people have been told lies at one time or another about living in an apartment and have no reason to believe otherwise. 

1.  Lie:
Apartments have higher crime rates

Truth: Apartments are generally safer. Apartments in Chico and Redding act as small communities. Neighbors tend to watch out for each other and anytime something suspicious is reported to the management, it’s looked into right away and action is taken.

2.  Lie: If anything at the apartment breaks down, the resident has to pay for it

Truth: Generally, the property management company overseeing the complex is responsible for general maintenance of the property. If the resident breaks something that is cosmetic – like a broken window or scratched up floor then they're responsible. The lease will say exactly who is responsible for what.

3.  Lie: An affordable apartment means it’s badly built and poorly maintained

Truth: First it’s important to note that affordability is subjective to the renter’s budget. If the cost of rent for an apartment seems too good to be true, it doesn’t mean that it is. All apartments in Chico and Redding are held to the same required city building standards. Whether or not you get a good property manager that keeps up on maintenance remains to be seen, but there are checks and balances in place for them too.

4.  Lie: The property management's insurance will cover any property damage

Truth: Usually, the property management company's insurance only covers the building itself so it’s important for you to get renter’s insurance to cover your personal belongings, as well as any damage that is done to the personal property of another resident that you’re at fault for.

5.  Lie: Apartments in Chico and Redding are filled with college students

Truth: While Chico and Redding are home to a lot of college students, there are plenty of apartments that are more family oriented and the majority of residents aren’t your stereotypical college student. 

Hopefully knowing the real truth about these five common lies has helped you understand that apartment living can actually be a great opportunity. 

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