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5 Best Ways to Nail Your Fall Apartment Decor in 2018

Sep 4, 2018 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

fake fall decorYou more than likely know that the season of fall is also a season of harvest (hence people calling it “fall harvest”). Crops all around the country are ready to be cut from the ground or pulled off a tree. While it’s normal for the season of fall harvest to be filled with chilly days, it can also bring a sense of warmth with all the color changes.

With farmers out harvesting their crops, folks are starting to decorate their homes. Fall is the start of the decorating season. From now until January 1st, we'll have many holidays, leaving our homes decorated for many different occasions.

No matter if you’re the kind of person who goes all out and decorates from the ceiling to the floor in every room, or the kind of person who just wants a few small items, we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed the five best ways to decorate to make a statement in your apartment this year.

1. Season-Lasting Décor 

One of the best things about fall décor is that you can leave it up till the weekend after Thanksgiving. That means whatever items you acquire should last you at least two months.

Harvest crops are some of the best decorating pieces to place around your apartment in different vases, but to make them last, you’ll need to find some “fake” ones. Visit your local craft store (like Michael’s or JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby) and find your favorite fake fall flowers in colors like yellow, orange, or red. Sun flowers are always a great choice.

Think about grabbing several things of fake autumn leaves to either place in your bouquet of fake flowers, or to spread around on a side table. You could also purchase a few fake pumpkins while you’re there... and don’t forget about apples! Fruit is another awesome way to decorate your apartment this fall. And the best part? Fake ones will never rot, leaving your fall decorated apartment safe from the mystery smell!

If “fake” just makes you sad, don’t worry. Not all of your fall décor has to be fake--nature is your friend! Go looking for some pretty fall leaves, pine cones, thin tree branches, acorns, etc. Barley and cotton will work if you know where to get them, but they can also be purchased from the store.

2. Front Porch

This is THE place where you can go all out or be a minimalist, but you’ve got to have something!

For the minimalist, the easiest decorating apartment accessory is a doormat that is fall or harvest themed (Bed Bath & Beyond is always a great place to look)! Still feel like you should add something else? Attach a fall themed wreath to your apartment door. Now you can enjoy being festive with little effort!

For the extravagant approach, you absolutely want to get yourself a fall themed doormat and wreath--but don’t stop there. Add a fun leaning sign that says things like: welcome, hello fall, fall, thankful, give thanks, happy fall ya’ll, farm fresh pumpkins, etc. You can make your own, or find your favorite on Etsy. Add some pumpkins, pots of real or fake flowers, and a garland of autumn leaves to place around your door. Still not happy with what you have? Here are some more porch décor ideas that won’t break the bank.

Just make sure you consider your neighbors when decorating your apartment's front porch. If it's required for them to walk passed your door to get to their apartment, don't go for the extravagant approach. Nothing's worse than always having to remember there is something sticking out of your neighbor's space so you don't accidentally trip over it. 

3. Pillows and Throw Blankets

The key to having your apartment feeling like fall: multiple pillows and throw blankets. With throw blankets in fall plaid colors, solid browns, tans, reds, or with a smattering of leaves your sofa will look extremely inviting to any and all who enter. The best part about throw blanket décor? You can actually use it! It doesn’t just have to sit there for two months looking pretty, you can wrap it around yourself on those chilly days.

Fall pillows also give you the ability to go with a variety of styles. From solids, to stripes and patterns, to pictures, to quotes (our favorites are the ones with the red pickups). You can pick the ones that fit your personality, and just like throw blankets, use them whenever you want!

4. Fall Colors

Throughout everything so far, we’ve continued to mention how you should pick fall colors when your décor has color options. Everyone usually thinks of orange, yellow, red, and all the shades in between. Yet, did you know that there are so many other colors that are considered “fall” colors besides those? 

Other Fall Colors:

It’s safe to say that there are many other fall colors besides the traditional shades of orange, red, and yellow if you want to be unique. Go for some purple, a dark brown, a grey/blue, or a white/beige. Make your fall apartment décor look and feel like you!

5. Smells

Smell is a powerful thing, it can create a memory or bring you a feeling of comfort. Fall is the perfect time to pull out the candles or become the baker you always dreamed of. No matter how you do it, give your apartment something other than the smell of your dishes, bathroom air freshener, or those smelly shoes.

Best Smells:


That’s all five! If you do one thing in every category (even if it’s small), you'll nail your fall apartment décor this year, we guarantee it.  

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